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Shade Nets for Nurseries

Shade Nets for Nurseries

Shade Nets for Nurseries |At early stages of growth, tree and plant seedlings require low sunlight and low humidity. Such temperatures can only be met in shade houses or shade nets structures.

Agricultural Shade nets have holes to provide maximum room for ventilation and optimum sunlight for photosynthesis.

 Aqua Hub Nets

  • Our shade nets come in various dimensions. We have all sunlight penetration level shade nets; 35 %, 55%, 75% and 90%.
  • Shade nets are the best methods for shielding seeds as they do not easily get detached or fall on plants underneath unlike grass or tree leaves structures.
  • Shade net roofs should take a height of 3-5 m to offer a large room for ventilation and movement inside shade houses.

Shade House Design Criteria

  • Sufficient shading efficiency of the shading material – The shade net material should be able to filter solar radiation as per the stated or required percentage for a specific crop.
  • Resistance against wind and heavy impact rainfall – Proper and strong nets need to be resistance against damage by strong blowing winds. The shade house design should have an orientation that faces aligns with the direction of wind flow.
  • High ventilation efficiency – A proper shade net has uniform distribution of mesh holes for proper ventilation in the entire shade house structure.
  • Sufficient stretch and proper fixation of shading material- Agricultural nets should be a material that can stretch and expand easily. Stretching ensures flexibility and no tear during alternating hot and cold periods. Moreover, the stretch ability ensures the tight-fitting of the net during installation.

How to Install Shade nets in Nurseries or Shade houses

  1.  Prepare the land for nursery or tree propagation. Digging and removal of rocks.
  2.  Measure the prepared land for dimensions of shade nets.
  3.  Construct Structures using metal bars or rods.
  4. Install shed nets on your structures.
  5. Prepare Seedbeds
  6. Propagate seeds.
  7. Irrigate your planting beds until growth of seeds.
  8. You can water your seedlings for a minimum of 4 times a week depending on the percentage of penetration of shade net.

Application of Shade Netting

Shade Nets for Nurseries

Shade nets are mainly applicable in nurseries and seedling beds to offer protective roofing seedlings. Tree seedlings are young and delicate plants which require a lot of water for fast growth and replication of cells.
Meeting the demand for high water requirement is a challenge especially in low rainfall and less water catchment areas. Therefore, shade nets can reduce high water loses to the environment which normally occurs through evaporation.

Other Roles of Shade nets

  •  Shade nets can prevent physical damage to seedling trees by animals.
  • Shade nets can block heavy rainfall hail stones or ice from damaging tree leaves and trunks.
  • Birds and other small animals such as poultry that normally feed on plants are blocked by shade nets.

Nursery Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya

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