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Where to Buy Shade Net in Nairobi

Where to Buy Shade Net in Nairobi

Crops growing on the open fields face many challenges including bird and animal attacks, unfavorable climatic conditions, pests, and diseases. A Shade net protect your plants from bad weather and provide good conditions for growth.

Where to Buy Quality Shade Nets in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is where to Buy Shade Nets in Nairobi. We have quality shade nets of 35%, 55%, 75% and 90 % sunlight filtration levels at lower Prices.

Our Shade Cloth Prices

The Cost Prices of our nets depend on the sunlight filtration levels.  35 percent net is KES 16,000, 55 percent is KES 19,000, 75 percent costs KES 26,000 and 90 percent costs KES 36,000.

Sun Protection Made Easy with Shade Nets

You may be wondering why we protect crops from sunlight. Sunlight is essential for certain processes such as photosynthesis to take place in plants.
However, excessive sunlight intensity in some plants causes burns in leaves and unenviably leads to higher water loss.
Shade nets are the best materials to cover delicate and shallow rooted plants such as flowers, vegetables, and seedlings in hot regions.

Sun Smart Gardening: Choosing the right Fabric for your Plants in Kenya

It is difficult to choose a quality and right netting material that can effectively protect your crops from harsh sunlight.

  • You need to first consider the temperature growth requirement for your crop to identify which percentage to go for.
  • Another thing to look at is the quality of the net and buying from certified and reputable suppliers.
  • The durability of a net is also a consideration as to whether you will buy it.
  • Choose our nets, they have UV treatment thus capable of lasting for more than 5 years while in good condition.

Climate Responsive Farming: Adapting with Shade Nets in Kenya

Farming has favorable and unfavorable seasons both presenting opportunities to grow and generate income.
A profit-oriented farmer will not wait for favorable conditions to come but takes risk and acquires sustainable measures to enhance good growing conditions.
Shade cloths are the best sustainable measures to lower humidity and temperature levels of the atmosphere around plants.

Shade Structures

You can use temporary or permanent structures to hold shade cloths around crops such as vegetables, peppers, lettuce, pot plants, seedlings, and geraniums.

These materials filter the sunlight intensity levels depending on the filtration rate.
A structure built of wooden poles can hold the net to protect crops for a certain time.

If you want long lasting structure you need to use galvanized steel bars and frames.
We construct shade structures and install nets at affordable prices.

Sustainable Horticulture: Best Shade Nets in Kenya

  • Flowers are the least sunlight tolerant crops, with shallow growing roots. Orchids, ferns love cooler growing conditions to lower the rates of evaporation and insect activity.
  • Horticulture production is nowadays done in greenhouses and shade houses where temperature is highly controlled.
  • Most flowers cannot tolerate high temperatures and water stress and thus we recommend shade netting to maximize production.
  • Nets are also good for reducing flower damage by heavy rains, winds, and hail stones.

Therefore, investing in Garden shading fabric lowers expenses on water and keeps your plants safe throughout the season.

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