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Shade net for Azolla

Shade net for Azolla

Shade net for Azolla. Azolla, a water floating plant, is nowadays more applicable in farms as an artificial fertilizer. Kenya has a favourable climate that can enhance growth of BSF with its cold and hot climate which favours the growth of the water plant.

Why shade net for Azolla

Shading provides a cool condition for the growth azolla fern in your rice, ponds, and swamps. The plant requires a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. It also prevents leaves, sticks, and stones from falling into the ponds to avoid it from preventing its growth. Quality shade nets in Kenya, are durable, you can grow azolla for a long time without it getting degraded.

Where to Grow Azolla

You can grow azolla in a pond or pool, or any place provided it meets the conditions of growing azolla. The water should be fresh and free of acidic components which may affect or slow down the growth of the plant.
It works best as a nitrogen absorber and can store it in its leaves.
The azolla plant grows best in multiple environments, among them are water catchment areas such as ponds, reservoirs, and dams. Within a small area, you can grow a lot of azolla in without having to spend much on big ponds. Just like natural algae Azolla can grow on top of water.

How to prepare azolla growing

  1. Dig or construct a pond, or dam.
  2. According to your preferred size, construct the dams using cement, bricks and sand or gravel.
  3. Place a pond liner or dam liner to prevent water loss from your tank.
  4. Place water and ensure there is an outlet from your pond to ensure your water remains fresh.
  5. Cover the pond with a net on the top and sides. You can construct a structure to hold the net or cover it on top of the pond.

Which Shade nets to use

Azolla requires a shade net of 55 % sunlight penetration level. At this percentage level, the conditions remain cool and optimal for growing azolla plant.

Uses of Azolla

  1. It works as an animal feed. Azolla is a perfect animal feed. It can be a good feed for rabbits, goats, and cows.
  2. Azolla works well as a feed for aquatic farming.
  3. It can be used as an organic fertilizer for rice fields and
  4. Azolla helps to prevent weed growth.

Benefits of Azolla

  1. 1. It is affordable unlike other fertilizers.
  2. Grows faster. Azolla grows faster just like other aquatic plants.
  3. Cheap to grow. Azolla grows easily in any aquatic environment. What you need to do is just provide a water catchment area on your farm.
  4. Azolla works as a smart and sustainable fertilizer. Clearly, it does not pollute the environment at all.
  5. Azolla controls algae growth on your dams or ponds.

Prices of Shade nets Kenya

Shade net percentage Cost (KES)
35 16,000
55 18,000
75 26,000
90 36,000

Where to Buy Shade net for Azolla

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Our nets are available at percentage sunlight levels of 35%, 55%, 75% and 90 %.
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