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Fish pond Liners in Kenya

Best Fish pond Liners

Rearing fish has several challenges and benefits, it is up to the farmer to strive in making the venture more beneficial. The most challenging factors are water supply shortages and providing favorable conditions for the survival and development of fish. Fish Pond liners in Kenya are the ultimate materials that can solve water lose issues in fish farms and tanks.

Best Fish pond Liners by Aqua Hub Kenya

A fish pond liner is a non-toxic HDPE plastic cover that holds water in a fish pond, concrete ponds, and portable fish pond tanks. The plastic is a hard cover, which makes it puncture resistant, and the UV treated feature allows it to resist UV effect over time.
Aqua Hub Kenya provides you with sustainable fishpond liners in Kenya that enhance the leakage free storage of water to enhance fish farming.

Best Fish pond Liners


We offer the specifications of our fish pond liners to guide clients on selecting the right dam liners for their fish ponds. The specifications of our fish pond liners in Kenya are:

  • Pond Liners are manufactured from high density polythene materials (HDPE).
  • Available in thickness sizes of 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1 mm. Each thickness level is suitable for aquatic use, but only depends on the permeability and structure of your soil.
  • Fish pond liners come in black colors. Some are shiny black while others are dull black.
  • The durability periods range from 15 to 35 years depending on the thickness level and quality of the fish pond liner.

Features of Pond Liners

  1. They are environmentally friendly to use as they are non-pollutant to the water, soil, and atmosphere. Despite the exposure to UV rays, fish pond liners can tolerate and remain hard and impermeable for a long period of time.
  2. Safe to use and work with. Pond liners despite the heavy weight are non-corrosive, non-harmful materials. You can move or carry it with bare hands.
  3. Easy to fold and spread. The ability to fold a fish pond liner enables them to be packaged and stored easily in rolls.
  4. They can be cut into custom sizes for enhancing fit to your project.
  5. Ability to join several through welding. You can join many pond liners to fit your pond shape and size. Welding offers a strong binding of the liner molecules which remain waterproof.
  6. Heavy and easy to hold it to the ground.

Advantages of Fish pond liners in Kenya

  1. The capacity to hold water makes them a sustainable tool for safeguarding water availability for fish farming.
  2. Continuous fish production as water remains available all the time.
  3. They are long-lasting and hence effective for holding aquatic water.
  4. Fish pond liners are easier and economical to maintain.
  5. With fish pond liners the cost of supplying water to your ponds lowers.
  6. They work in all weather conditions.

Why Buy from us

Our Fish pond liners in Kenya are one of the best liner materials on the market as they are safe to use in the aquatic environment. It has zero harm to fish and aquatic life at all and its smooth surface can harbor fish food and provide a good environment for fish reproduction.
We offer the best prices, deliver and install pond liners to clients who purchase from us, but we can also consider our technicians for outsourcing. All our services and products are affordable.

Fish Pond Liner Prices in Kenya

The price of a fish pond liner in Kenya depends on the thickness level.

Thickness of Dam liner (mm) Cost of the Liner (KES)
0.3 mm 150
0.5 mm 230
0.75 mm 340
1.0 mm 450

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