Shade House Structures in Kenya

Shade House Structures in Kenya

Shade House Structures in Kenya are buildings that provide protection to crops against sunlight, water loss and harsh environment conditions. Shade net houses are suitable for propagation of fruit and tree seedlings.

The structures can either be made from wooden or metallic materials and covered by a shade net material.

Shade Net Structures (Sizes and Dimensions)

  • 8 x 15 m
  • 8 x 24 m
  • 8 x 30 m
  • 16 x 24 m
  • 16 x 30 m
  • 16 x 40 m

Materials Required for Shade House Structures Construction

  • Shade Net Rolls
  • Wooden poles or Steel Profiles
  • Tapping Screws
  • Nails
  • Cement and sand or ballast

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Quality Shade House Structures in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya deals with construction of quality effective shade houses in Kenya at affordable prices. Our projects are timely and always aligned to the scope as we embrace quality customer satisfaction.

All shade net sizes available from 35 to 90 percent sunlight filtration. We have quality steel profiles and experience in construction of shade houses.

Our nets are UV treated knitted materials with a long-lasting ability. They can last for 6-10 years while still in good condition.

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Type of Shade nets

The shade net material and size you will need relies on the climatic conditions of the area, the crop type, and other factors. Some crops are in a lot cooler conditions than others thus suitable for nets with maximum sunlight filtration. Places with higher sunlight intensity experience more evaporation rates thus needs more shading.

Types of Shade House Structures in Kenya

Shade net in Kenya can be used as plant covers in various designs or ways depending on the type of crop, landscape, and wind strength. Shade nets structures vary in shapes and sizes just like greenhouses, they can be either tunnel or vent designs.

Tunnel Shade Houses – Shade houses with a tunnel shaped roof. The walls and entire roof are covered by a shade net material. These structures are commonly made of galvanized steel metal fixed together using tapping screws.

Flat Roof Shade Houses – Shade net structures with flat roofing surfaces. The type of shade house structure is economical but requires a lot of support poles in the middle. Similarly, it has shade net covering the entire sides of the structure.

Single Span Shade Houses – Types of shade net structures for small scale growers. Consists of a single tunnel or flat roofed shade house.

Multi-span Shade Houses – Shade nets that are interlinked to cover a wide area. Instead of constructing single structures next to each other, they are linked to form one structure. This method saves on space and construction cost and is good for commercial farming.

Shade House Structures in Kenya


What to Consider Before Building A Shade House

  • Wind Strength and direction – decides the design and materials to use.
  • Availability of construction materials – consider whether you can easily access materials such as wooden poles or profiles. Call us for quality construction materials.
  • Climate of your area – The weather conditions will decide which shade net percentage to use.
  • Landscape – The topography of your land is another thing to consider. Always construct on flat ground.
  • Budget – What is your budget or total cost of materials and construction.

How to Construct Shade House Structures in Kenya

  1. Plan and choose a suitable shade house size.
  2. Prepare your land and measure the area.
  3. Dig holes for erecting frames.
  4. Assemble and attach frames together using tapping screws.
  5. Attach the shade net on the structure.
  6. Secure the net using cable ties or wires.

Benefits of Shade House Structures in Kenya

  1. Shade nets houses offer maximum protection to crops from harsh environmental conditions such as extreme sunlight.
  2. Shade netting allows formation of a better environment for growing of crops.
  3. You can use shade nets to fence crops and keep away destructive birds and animals.
  4. Shade net structures are suitable for a variety of crops.
  5. Allows propagation of viable seeds and crops due to attainment of favourable conditions.
  6. High yield in production as water and growth conditions are available.
  7. Shade houses also protect the soil organic matter and in return makes soil fertility constant.
  8. Shade nets can prevent pest and disease attack on crops.

Quality Shade House Structures Construction by Aqua Hub

Looking forward to constructing a good shade house structure for growing of shade loving crops? Contact Aqua Hub Kenya. Your best greenhouse and Irrigation Supplier in Kenya.

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