Shade Nets

Waterproof Shade Nets in Kenya

Waterproof Shade Nets

Waterproof shade nets are fully knitted nets that does not allow water to pass through its surface.

The fabric is a good shield against strong sunlight and wind effects in various applications.

Features of Waterproof Shade Nets

  • They are heavy compared to other types of shade nets.
  • Waterproof nets are resistant to UV radiation. They are woven from UV-treated fabric.
  • It does not fade or lose color.
  • Rough and Tensile fabric for wind and rain protection.
  • Available in green, grey, black, white, and other colors.

How does it work?

Waterproof nets perfectly cover the walls and roofs of shade houses or greenhouses. It is also an ideal temperature control material.

Despite the fully woven nature, it still allows sunlight to penetrate but at a reduced level.  They are translucent and allow different rates of light to penetrate as per the color.

Dark colors absorb heat while shiny colors reflect heat away.

What Makes Waterproof Shade Nets Best for Use

  • They are made from polypropylene materials known for its non-hazardous nature. It is suitable for use in the environment.
  • It can also be recycled and used for future needs.
  • It consists of a double layer of fabric, ideal for trapping dust and other materials. For special applications such as protection of fishponds, they trap stones and other materials.
  • Provide protection to vehicles from harmful radiation.
  • They can be used to make roofs for outside garden benches.
  • It provides cool shade for relaxation during hot hours of the day.

Advantages of Waterproof Shade Nets

  1. They prevent evaporation of water in fishponds.
  2. Waterproof nets are good shade materials for compounds.
  3. They have versatile applications, agriculture, car parks and aquatic uses.
  4. Durable due to strong materials.
  5. Double layer for high tension and tear resistance.

Applications of Shade Nets

  • Waterproof shade nets are applicable in greenhouses and shade houses.
  • It can also be used to protect fishponds and water pans from evaporation.
  • The materials are good covers for roofing car parks.

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