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Insect Nets for BSF Farming in Kenya

Insect Nets for BSF

Insect nets are the key materials to protect structures for conducting BSF(Black Soldier Fly) farming in Kenya. Many farmers are adopting BSF farming as a rich source of protein and key animal feeds for fish, poultry, and livestock. The decay of black soldier fly waste can act as organic fertilizers.

Cost of Insect Nets

Cost Price of insect nets is KES 110 per square meter dimension.

What is BSF Farming?

BSF Farming is the practice of rearing black soldier fly insects which are animal feeds.

BSF is a rich source of protein for poultry, fish, and other livestock but is also an excellent organic manure.

Features of Insect Nets

Insect nets are made of UV-treated fabric material which resists the high impact of UV radiation.

White and green colors available. White colors are good for breeding BSF insects as they love the light effect.

Sizes are available in different dimensions; 3.5 by 50 m to 5.5 by 50 m.

Why Insect Nets for BSF Farming in Kenya?

Insect Nets are smart fabrics made of knitted and woven plastic which keeps insects from BSF production structures.

It has small pores that allow air for respiration and at the same time make the environment conducive. Small-hole knitting makes them a good choice for avoiding the entry of predator birds and other animals that may interfere with BSF larvae.

Insect nets are strong and survive wind force, any mechanical tension, and tear or wear. Their design enhances stretching thus free from possible tears or damage.

Suitable Net Structures 

To start a BSF farming venture, you need to depend on the target of the BSF insect larvae you want to produce.

Any Custom size is appropriate for BSF farming so long as it offers adequate space for shelves to allow the insects to lay eggs.

Insect net structures for BSF can be made of wooden materials or steel profiles. Insect nets are attached to the outer surface to cover the structure.

Covering the structure keeps the insects in the structure and prevents them from escaping. It also allows sunlight into the structure to allow health and mating of the insects.

 Benefit of Insect Nets in BSF Farming

Applying insect nets in the production of BSF larvae enhances a better production rate.

Insect nets make the BSF insects available inside the structures for mating thus ensuring the larvae grow.

Using insect nets enhances cooling thus preventing diseases and the entry of bacteria which can damage the larvae.

Nets keep wasps and other predators away from the BSF larvae.

 Other Applications of Insect Nets in Kenya

  1. Insect nets make good materials for crop protection against insects in agriculture.
  2. You can also use nets in residential areas to protect buildings against wasps, bees and mosquitoes.
  3. Nets are basic materials for use as greenhouse ventilators.

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