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Insect Net Prices in Kenya

Insect Net

An insect net is a crop protection material often  applicable for garden fruits, field crops and greenhouse crops. It is a good barrier against insects and destructive birds. Agricultural nets is affordable at Aqua Hub Kenya. We sell quality and environment-friendly nets.

Fighting Crop Pests and Diseases

Pest and diseases generally affect crop yield, damaging quality of produce and significantly reducing the levels of produce.
Commonly known destructive pests include aphids, thrips, tobacco white flies, locusts and worms. These insects damage crop parts such as leaves, stems and fruits, thus preventing normal production stages from occurring.
Crop pests and diseases need to be addressed as they pose a major threat to food security and health of the future society.
Overcoming pests has been a major challenge since effective pesticides come along with adverse effects to the environment.

Insect Nets for agriculture in Kenya: Unveiling Solutions to Pests and Diseases

The emergence and adoption of nets as crop protection measures has enhanced the increase in crop production yields.
Anti-Insect nets are cheap, effective, and readily available solutions for prevention of annual pests and diseases in your crop fields.
The effectiveness of a net is the ability to prevent insect entry to plant field while simultaneously allowing basic resources for plant growth. It allows maximum air, water, and sunlight to reach plants.

Vital Role of Insect Nets in Kenya

Insect nets cut-off any contact of pests to crops thus preventing transmission of diseases and damage of plant tissues.
They are designs with smaller mesh levels of fabric to prevent all insects as small as larvae.
These fabric materials are made of plastic knitted fabric which is UV treated and capable of lasting for a very long period.

Quality Nets by Aqua Hub

Are you facing high insect activity in your farms? Get quality and reliable nets from Aqua Hub Kenya today at affordable prices. We have all the necessary information you need to Know for a perfect garden insect netting to increase your produce.
Our nets are UV resistant, works properly in all weather conditions.
We supply white nets measuring 4 x 50 m in full dimensions.

Insect Net Prices in Kenya

Insect nets in Kenya price ranges from KES 90 to 130 depending on the size per square meter. Our Garden insect nettings are affordable to most farmers.

How to Choose Insect Nets

Selection of suitable nets is a challenge to many growers, the reason we educate them on which factors to look at.
Basically, a good net should have general features that crops require to develop faster and well. We need a material that can balance the entry of water and air.
The mesh level or size of meshes should be small enough to prevent insects from attacking crops.
You need a net that can safeguard your crops against pest infestation for a long time prior to harsh weather conditions.
Our nets are effective for more than 5 years of good working condition.

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