Agricultural Nets

Agricultural Nets by Aqua Hub Kenya

Agricultural Nets

Agricultural Nets in Kenya 

We supply high quality/density uv-protected polythene nets. Agricultural nets are your number one
partner in ensuring huge returns on your investment through increased crop yields. Our wide varieties of nets include;

(1) Shade nets

Shade net is a knitted fabric with uv-resistant additives that give it durability and longevity. The
shade materials help in protecting plants and animals from direct sunlight, winds and storms.
Choosing the right net for your crops depends on the climatic conditions of your location. Shade nets
are your number one partner in ensuring increased yields while protecting your investment from
harsh climatic conditions and the unpredictable changing weather patterns experienced during our
current times.

Advantages of shade nets

(i) Minimize wind pressure to avoid damages to plants, therefore enhances photosynthesis a
key process that brings about productivity in plants
(ii) Reduces heat stress on plants
(iii) Help in water conservation as there is low rate of evaporation hence plants are able to
retain higher volume of water, contributing to significant decrease in constant irrigation
conserving water

Factors to consider when choosing crop shading

(i) Type of crop/crops planted
(ii) Age of crop/crops planted
(iii) Climatic condition of your location

Our nets are available in the following specifications

(i) Color : black or green
(ii) Dimension : 4mtrs (width) * 50mtrs (length)
(iii) Density/uv-filtration density : 35%, 55%, 60%, 75% and 90%


  Rate    Cost  
  35%   13000  
  55%   16000  
  75%   18000  
  90%   28000  

NB: Volume discounts available

(2) Insect nets

They are uv-resistant greenhouse nets used to protect crops from damages caused by insects while
ensuring that the crops are free from diseases or infections brought about by insects.

Our nets are available in the following specifications
(i) Dimensions – 3mts (width)*50mtrs(length), 2.5mtrs(width)*50mtrs(length),
2.5mtrs(width)*100mtrs(length), 5.5mtrs (width)*30mtrs(length)
(ii) Mesh – 40% mesh
(iii) Color – white

Anti Insect Nets Prices in Kenya 
  Rate     Cost   
  2.5 x 50 m               10,000  
  2.5 x 100 m               20,000  
  3 x 50 m               13,200  
  5.5 x 30 m               12,375  

NB: Volume discount available

(3) Bird nets
Those are uv-resistant agricultural nets that protect crops from bird attacks since birds are large
consumers of fruits, seeds and vegetables
Our nets are available in the following specifications
(i) Dimensions – 5mtrs (width)*50mtrs (length)
(ii) Color – green

Bird Nets Prices in Kenya 

5mtrs (width)*50mtrs (length) – Ksh. 16,250
NB: Volume discount available