Agricultural Nets

Shade Nets in Kenya Insect Nets in Kenya and Bird Nets In Kenya

Shade Nets In Kenya

Shade Nets in Kenya, Insect Nets in Kenya & Bird Nets In Kenya

Shade Nets in Kenya are by Aqua Hub Kenya. Most farmers have adopted the methods of effecting farming using Shade Nets. 

(1).  Shade nets
Shade net is a knitted fabric with UV-resistant additives that give it durability and longevity.
Advantages of shade net
(i) Low pressure for high photosynthesis and high productivity
(ii) Reduces heat stress on plants
(iii) Water conservation, low rate of evaporation
Crop shading factors
(i) Type of crop/crops planted
(ii) Age of crop/crops planted
(iii) Climatic condition of your location
(i) Colour: black or green
(ii) Dimension : 4mtrs (width) * 50mtrs (length)
(iii) Density/UV-filtration density : 35%, 55%, 60%, 75% and 90%

(2) Insect nets In Kenya 
Insect nets are UV Treated and suitable for insect control in a greenhouse

(i) Dimensions – 3mts (width)50mtrs(length), 2.5mtrs(width)50mtrs(length),
2.5mtrs(width)100mtrs(length), 5.5mtrs (width)30mtrs(length)
(ii) Mesh – 40% mesh
(iii) Color – white

(3) Bird nets in Kenya 

Shade Nets In kenya
Shade Net ( House) in Oloitoktok – Kajiado County

UV Treated nets suitable for nurseries are key for protection  against predators ( Birds)
(i) Dimensions – 5mtrs (width)50mtrs (length) (ii) Colour – green Prices 5mtrs (width)50mtrs (length)
NB: Volume discount available

Shade Net Prices in Kenya 

Shade Net Mesh Rate Price in Ksh. Size in sq.m
35 % ( Black & Green ) 12,000 (4 x 50) Meters
55 % ( Black & Green ) 16,000 (4 x 50) Meters
75 %( Black & Green ) 18,000 (4 x 50) Meters
95 % ( Black & Green ) 26,000 (4 x 50) Meters
Shade Net Prices in Nairobi

How to Install shade nets for nursery in Kenya

Shade Nets for Nursery can be installed in two different ways, depending on the Agricultural Nursery structure;

  1. For Galvanized structure—Align your nets along the wiggle wires attached to the structure and tighten them to the direction of the wire
  2. For wooden structure-Simply lock the nets using another wooden lining and apply nails alongside
Most used Shade Net for Nursery

Most farmers use 55 % Shade Rate Mesh to do their Nurseries in Kenya.

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