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Insect Nets Price in Kenya

Insect Nets Price in Kenya

Insect Nets Price in Kenya | An insect net is an insect barrier, looks like a mosquito net but packed in rolls. It has a mesh of polythene plastic materials with tiny holes which are very small for insects. Insect nets in Kenya are customer friendly at Aqua Hub (Insect Net Suppliers in Kenya).

Role of Insect Nets in Kenya 

The idea of insect nets in agriculture is to control the effects of insects and pests on crops. By doing so, the overall annual yield increase and the desired quality of produce is harvested.

Insect nets can also act as an organic pest control mechanism that lower the use of chemicals and pesticides to kill destructive insects and pests.
Agricultural experts and growers recommend the use of insect nets in farming to bolster effectiveness and environmentally friendly solutions.

 Features and Benefits of Insect nets in Kenya

  1. Insect net materials are high density polythene plastics capable of resisting UV radiation. Therefore, you can use insect nets for several productive seasons without the need for replacing it.
  2. There are several colors of insect nets including white, black, or green.
  3. Less than 40% mesh size is another feature of insect nets which trap insects, frost or lower humidity effects on crops and in-house plants.

Which Color is the best?

The best color of insect net to use is the white color because it shines bright thus shying insects away from a greenhouse or shade house.
White colors also reflect light and can be crucial to prevent excess evaporation rates inside shade structures or greenhouses.

Where to Apply Insect nets

  1. Insect nets are applicable in greenhouses as the primary insect prevention materials. The netting also allows for air exchange and is normally cover walls or roof ventilation spaces.
  2. Insect nets can also work in shade houses, field crop protection and nurseries for a similar role of keeping insects away.
  3. Warehouses, stores, and solar dryers also use insect nets for ventilation and prevention of insects. This helps to lower the effect of food contamination and damage.

insect net price in Kenya

Insect net prices in Kenya vary depending on size, quality, and brand of the product.
Common size available are 3 x 50m, 2.5 x 50 m, 2.5 x 100m and 5.5 x 30 m dimensions.

We sell at KES 110/= per square meter.

Which factors guarantees the Quality of an Insect Net?

Quality insect nets are the ones made of UV treated plastics. You can certainly notice this by checking the texture, knitting and brand. The mesh level should be the lowest to prevent all types of insects.

Insect Net Suppliers in Kenya

Aqua Hub nets are the among the best supplies of quality and long-lasting nets that go at very affordable prices.
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