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Shade Nets in Kenya

Shade Net Prices &  Installation in Kenya

What is shade net?

Shade nets are made of lightweight knitted polythene fabric that shields plants from the sun. It is a knitted fabric with UV-resistant additives that make it durable and long-lasting. Shade materials shield plants and animals from direct sunlight, high winds, and storms.

Shade Nets In kenya

Shade Net ( House) in Oloitoktok – Kajiado.

The Shade Net is available in a wide variety of filtration rates ranging from (30 % )  to  (95 %) because farmers need them based on their climatic conditions.

Therefore we do site visits so to establish the suitable shade net to be used and advise the farmer on the way forward

Recommended Shade Net Material to use

Shade nets come in a variety of fabrics, and which one you choose depends on the sort of crop you have. Shade materials shield plants, pets, livestock, and people from direct sunlight and can act as a windscreen. Farmers use 35 percent to 55  percent density in cooler places, and 75 percent to 95  percent density in hotter areas, depending on the climatic conditions.

Many farmers believe that utilizing a high-density shade on the roofs and a lesser density shade on the walls is an effective way to create perfect shade conditions. Farmers can consult Aqua Hub Kenya Limited to determine the right shade cloth density for their climate and plant species.

What are the benefits of shade net to farmers?

  • It is simple to clean.
  • UV treated with 5 years life expectancy
  • Nets are lightweight and simple to set up.
  • If necessary, it is simple to relocate to new structures.
  • They are great for gardens, plant nurseries, and home-gardening on terraces.
  • Conserves water by producing a shade effect comparable to that of a plant canopy.
  • Plants are protected from pests and diseases.
Net Houses

Net House Isiolo

Where can you buy shade nets in Kenya?

Aqua Hub Kenya are well-known shade net suppliers, dealers, and installers. Shade nets in green and black are available in our store. We have branches in Nairobi and Eldoret. We are a reliable resource for all of your farm inputs and management practices. Call 0790719020 for more information.

What are the prices for shade net installation?

Shade Net Installation depends on the size and the need of the farmer.

  • 30  % ( 4 x 50 m)   Filtration Rate at Ksh. 13,000
  • 55 %  ( 4 x 50 m)   Filtration Rate at Ksh. 16,000
  • 75 % ( 4 x 50 m)   Filtration Rate at Ksh. 19,000
  •  95 % ( 4 x 50 m)   Filtration Rate at  Ksh. 30,000