Rain Gun Sprinkler

Rain Gun Sprinkler by Aqua Hub Kenya

Rain Gun Sprinkler in Kenya


Rain gun sprinkler is a very efficient small watering tool intended for wide use and applications that require high flow rates and a large water radius. They are a new type of high volume, high-pressure sprayers for use in horticulture, hectares of crops, orchards, and irrigation forests. Spray rifles spray water over a large area, saving the farmer time and effort.

Rain gun sprinklers are available with operating pressures ranging from 2.0 to 7.5 kg / cm2 and flow rates from 3 to 30 lps. Most of them have nozzle diameters from 10 to 30 mm and water radius from 27 to 60 meters.

What are the components of rain gun sprinklers?

Main Line Pipes Sub‐main Line Pipes Skipper Fittings & Accessories (Camlock Fittings)



 Rain Guns

Impact Type

Pelican Gear Drive Type

Tripod Stand for Rain Gun

Tri-Pod Stand

Female Coupling

Male Barbed Coupling

Male Coupling

End Plug

What are its features?
  1. Used to irrigate a large area at a time. Rainwater harvesters are used to irrigate large soils at the same time. Cannons irrigate the field with little work and energy. Insects and insects are washed away by irrigation with rain guns.
  2. Available with the adjustable jet breaker. For insensitive plants, the adjustable jet breaker allows for droplet size and impact control. Provides consistent watering.
  3. To use the system, you will need a blank minimum of components. The requirements for the part are small, and the parts are light, durable, and well made. As a result, even after a long period of use, care is required.
  4. Flexible nozzles are available. Replacement pipes provide irrigation for a variety of plants and soil types. All types of soil/plant categories are compatible with flexible pipes.
What are its applications?
  1. Sugarcane, Wheat, Sorghum, Soybeans, Maize, Pulses, and other field crops need to be irrigated. Farmers find it difficult to spray a field of well-grown sugarcane. They have a fertilizer tank and a business assembly. So fertilizers and pesticides can be sprayed quickly and with little effort.
  2. Growing tea, rubber, and coffee. Clients love rain guns because of their ease of use, corrosion resistance, efficiency, and a variety of additional features. As a result, these are very useful in the tea, rubber, and coffee fields.
  3. Green Pastures and Food Crops Watering fodder and green pastures is another important option. In about 2-3 hours, it can cover an area of ​​one hectare by spraying from one spot. By moving the system, the shift installation can cover the entire farm.
  4. Pressure on dust in mines and thermal power plants. Dust pressure can be achieved with Rain Guns in the mining and related industries. It comes with pumps and high-pressure pipes to help control dust.
How to irrigate your farm using Rain Gun Sprinkler
  1. Rain Gun Sprinkler Place your spray gun spray and tripod support in the appropriate watering area. Make sure the tripod is securely attached to the floor.
  2. Set the spray angle to water the desired side.
  3. Place your canvas pipe, PVC pipe, or HDPE pipe in place of the rain gun.
  4. Set up your water pump and turn it on.
  5. You have 20 minutes for each block to irrigate.

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