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Shade Nets for Farm Use

Shade Nets for Farm Use

Aqua Hub’s Shade nets in Kenya for farm use and crop production to enhance temperature regulation. We are the best shade net suppliers in Kenya dealing in quality nets. Our costs of shade nets are affordable.

Nets provide a cooling effect during the hot hours and provide warmth during freezing hours. Shade nets have a wide range of applications in crop growing, greenhouse ventilation and use as safety nets in construction.

How Aqua Hub Nets regulate temperature

During the day, shade nets can lower the temperature inside the structure or greenhouse to 15 or 20 degrees. At these temperatures plants close the stomata; hence water loss through evaporation is minimized.
Similarly, during cold nights or cold periods, shade nets prevent frost and cold air from affecting plants. This lowers the effect of fungal diseases such as blight.

Specifications of Shade Nets

Dimension (Square meter) Color Sunlight Filtration Percentage Suitable crops
4 x 50 m Black or Green 35% Roses, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peppers
4 x 50 m Black or Green 55% Bedding Plants, Gloxinias,

Herbs, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables

4 x 50 m Black or Green 75% Foliage plants, Cut greens,

Orchids, Ginger, Pot plants,

Orchids, and Lettuces

4 x 50 m Black or Green 90% Young seedlings

Shade Nets for Farm Use

Choice of Shade nets for farm use

To choose the best shade nets for farm use, growers should consider three factors.

Shade Filtration Rate

The filtration rate for a shade net determines the crops that will be grown under it. There are various filtration rates of shade nets available in the industry. However, we have the common shade net levels which are 35%, 55%, 75% and 90%.


Durability defines how long a shade net will last until it gets old. You obviously want a long-lasting shade net to curb the cost of buying regularly. Our shade nets are UV resistant and normally last for a long period, 3-5 years.


The cost of a fabric will determine whether you can afford it. Cost varies depending on the percentage of sunlight filtration. Certain filtration levels also suit different crops.
Aqua Hub Kenya shade nets meets all those basic factors which should be considered.

Crops Suitable for Shade Nets

  1. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are heat tolerant plants and require sunlight but not too much intensity. The best level is 35 % shade net.
  2. Peppers – Peppers are also suitable for 35% nets.
  3. Succulents – Succulents have thick stems and waterproof surfaces. They require a cooler place to maintain a higher growth rate. A shade net of about 55 or 75 percent is appropriate.
  4. Lettuce – Lettuce is quite a shade loving crop. It grows well and faster in 75 percent shade net level.
  5. Seedlings – Fruits and vegetables seedlings require 90 percent or 75 percent levels depending on the growth period.
  6. Flowers – Flowers require sunlight to grow faster plus a cooling effect. 55 percent of levels are suitable.

Cost | Shade Net Prices in Kenya

Shade net Percentage(%) Cost (KES)
35 16,000
55 18,000
75 25,000
90 36,000

Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya

We have shade net for farm use at all percentages in black and green colours.

You can always reach Aqua Hub Kenya through 0790719020 for orders and Inquiries about shade nets and other products.