Affordable Shade Nets in Kenya

Shade Nets in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

 Affordable Shade Nets in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Affordable Shade nets in Kenya |Aqua Hub Kenya is a major special agricultural nets dealer and supplier in the country.
We offer quality shade house covering nets for low sunlight tolerant plants. Such plants often have a weak stem and shallow roots network structure hence rendering them unsuitable for propagation in open fields.

Affordable Shade Nets in Kenya

Importance of Shade Nets

Shade nets are important to avoid excessive evaporation and water loss through high sunlight. These nets are not harmful to plants at all, they are fabric non-decaying materials. Therefore, shade nets can last for a long time without releasing chemicals or harmful gases to plants unless exposed to heat.


Penetration Levels of Shade Nets

Shade nets are knitted with various space or hole allowances left. These spaces are meant for aeration and sunlight penetration.
There are 35 %, 55%, 75% and 90% shade nets.

How Our Affordable Shade Nets work

Knitted shade nets designed to allow sunlight penetration at different levels. The sunlight that passes through is determined by the size of the holes.
Our shade nets have dull colours to attract warmth and lose it to the surrounding when it exceeds. The colours are black or green.

Features of Shade Nets

  • No need to worry about extreme radiations as shade nets are plastic materials which melt at very high temperature.
  • Shade nets are light nets – They do not need heavy and expensive metal structures to construct shade houses. Only steel or rust-free metal rods are recommended for shade houses while in other cases you can use cheap wood or timber materials to build shade net structures.
  • Shade nets are long-lasting – The materials for making shade nets are polymers which take many years to decompose.
  • Shade nets are compatible to all structures – Nets are flexible enough to fit into any structure or shape.
  • Ease of carrying and packaging – Nets are light and convenient to move from place to place. Packing and offloading is easy.

Which Crops require Shade Nets?

Shade nets are best for crops that are prawn to pest and disease attack. It is known that high temperature favours fruit damage and insect invasion hence shade nets protect plants from diseases that spread easily under hot conditions.

Such crops include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Horticultural crops
  • Tree seedlings
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Chilli
  • Peppers

Agricultural uses of Shade Nets 

Affordable Shade Nets in Kenya

Shade nets can be useful in a number of ways in crop production and animal rearing.

  • Shade nets mainly shield seedlings and young plants by acting as shades.
  • Shade nets are applicable in greenhouses as side netting. Areas with few insects attack on flowers and greenhouse crops can rely on shade netting for greenhouse use.
  • Fencing farm or crop sections can rely on shade nets as the separating wall. The shade net material does not prevent viewing side to side farm sections.
  • Shade nets are applicable in seed companies to prevent cross-pollination of various breeds of seeds on different farm sections. Shade nets with 90 percent mesh can trap pollen grains from entering the sections.
  • Netting materials trap birds or rodents from destroying crops.
  • Shade netting is a key alternative material to wire mesh in poultry farming and bird keeping. The mesh sizes in netting material prevent prey birds such eagles and vultures that often bring losses.

Affordable Shade Net Prices

Shade Net/Filtration Size per Square (M) Price (KSH)
35% 4 * 50 15,000
55% 4 * 50 18,000
75% 4 * 50 24,000
90% 4 * 50 36,000

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