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Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya

Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya | Aqua Hub Kenya

Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya

Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya |Aqua Hub Kenya Limited is the best and affordable suppliers of Shade Nets and Anti insect nets for agriculture in Kenya.

What is a shade net?

Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya | Aqua Hub Kenya

Shade nets are light nets made of polyethylene knitted materials used to prevent plants from exposure to harmful ultraviolet heat and radiation, which is sometimes harmful to the growth of plants. Shade nets are sold in a different fabric density range, ranging from 30 to 90 percent. A 55 percent shade net will only allow 55 percent of light to penetrate, while a 90 percent will only allow light not exceeding 10 percent of light to penetrate.

How to choose Shade Nets for your Farm

The Choice of the right net for your farm is key to ensuring you hit the yield target accrued from your farm. The factors influencing the Choice of shade nets a farmer can settle to are the size of the farm or shade intended and the type of plant to be grown in the shade. Some plants require more light for photosynthesis, while others may need less light and hence may grow under high-density shades.
Water permeability is also a factor in choosing shade nets to limit hydration problems.

Types of Agricultural Shade Nets in Kenya

Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya | Aqua Hub Kenya

Knitted Shade Net
These are shade nets made of lightweight propylene fabric that is knitted to reduce heat accumulation and enable maximum airflow.
Woollen Shade Nets
These are shade nets made of 100 percent propylene fabric. It is heavier as compared to knitted shade nets.
The table below can be used to differentiate the two types of nets using their characteristic features. The Choice of the best nets to be purchased will depend on the characteristic features explained in the table.

Characteristic Knitted Shade net Woollen Shade net
Structure Made of Lightweight propylene

Light and reduces the build-up of heat

Made of 100% propylene

Heavier since and increases more heat.

Installation Easier to install since it does not require edge tapping Edge tapping is required to resist unravelling; hence difficult to install
Shrinkage Allow two to three percent of shrinkage. Allow minimal stretch or shrinkage
Resistance to Ultraviolet light Resistant to ultraviolet light More resistant to ultraviolet light as compared to knitted shade nets
Life Expectancy Have a long-life expectancy compared to woollen kits Have a relatively low life expectancy
Usage Have many uses. It can be used in hothouses, shade houses, and greenhouses. Woven shade nets are used in shading for solar protection of plants, pet kennels, windscreens, shading for patios, and privacy screens

Shade Net Prices in Kenya 

Shade Net/Filtration Size per sq.m Price ( KES)
35% 4 × 50 KES. 15,000
55% 4 × 50 KES.18,000
75% 4 × 50 KES.24,000
90% 4 × 50 KES.36,000

Where to buy Shade Nets in Kenya |Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya

Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya | Aqua Hub Kenya

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