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Coffee Irrigation Farming in Kenya

Coffer Farming Irrigation in Kenya

Coffee Irrigation Farming in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

Coffee Irrigation Farming in Kenya |Research shows that Coffee plants grow shallow roots, making them less drought-resistant.

Increased drought In the country has made most farmers shift to coffee irrigation. Irrigation of coffee enables coffee plants to be supplied with Water and nutrients through fertilization for the growth of stems, branches, and production of fruits, which in turn leads to an increased rate of yields over time. Significantly, coffee irrigation reduces the growth of weeds and increases soil compactness, thus enabling the plant’s roots to grow strong.

How is Coffee irrigation done?

Coffee Irrigation Farming in Kenya is done using the following methods:
Adjustable Button Drippers irrigation
• Sprinkler and Rain Guns irrigation

Coffee Irrigation Farming in Kenya using Button Drippers 

Adjustable Button Drippers for Coffee irrigation Farming

Button Drip irrigation is an irrigation method where plants are watered via pipes that emits water to the roots of the plants via droplets released from emitter holes drilled into the pipes.
The Water is pumped to the garden through pipes installed and fitted with valves that control the flow of Water. Water flow is normally slow to ensure enough water goes to the soil.
The irrigation system focuses on supplying Water to the main parts of the coffee plant roots by allowing water droplets through the 4 mm holes to the base of the plant.

Button Dripper Prices in Kenya

Adjustable Button Drippers for Coffee irrigation Farming

Type  Cost
Adjustable Button Dripper KES.13/-
Non-Adj. Button Dripper. KES.10/-

Where to buy Button Drippers in Kenya

Button Drippers are available at Aqua Hub Kenya in different diameter sizes. We sell quality and long-lasting button drippers at weighted prices. Our drippers are resistant to radiation as they are made from polyethylene-treated fabrics unaffected by the sun’s rays.

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Coffee Irrigation Farming in Kenya Using Sprinklers & Rain Guns

The best coffee irrigation technique is using sprinkler irrigation since water is evenly distributed in the fields. This irrigation method comprises pumps with different capacity , a light metal or plastic duct system, and nozzles ( Sprinklers).
Pressure is exerted into the duct system, thus forcing water out of the nozzle in the form of rain droplets.

Rain Guns sprinkler Prices in Kenya

Sprinkler Irrigation For Coffee by AQUA HUB KENYA

Sprinkler Size Spray Radius Price ( KES)
25 mm 8 m – 12 m KES.500
32 mm 12 m-20 m KES.4,000
50 mm 20 m-28 m KES.7,000
63 mm 28 m-36 m KES.9,000

Where to buy Sprinklers for Coffee Irrigation in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has reliable and effective sprinklers that meet customer needs. We offer Sprinklers of different sizes depending on the customer’s specifications and needs for their farms.
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Difference between Button Drip Kit and Sprinkler Irrigation Kit

Differences  Sprinklers & Rain Guns  Button Drippers
Cost Cost per acre is KES. 125,000 Cost per acre is KES. 95,000
Pressure Requirements Requires High Pressure  Uses Gravity
Usability Technical & Engaging to use Easy to use
Installation Easy to install Very easy to install
Durability Up to 10 years  Up to 5 years