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Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya – Aqua Hub Kenya

Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya is the most reliable type of modern irrigation system, which allows water and nutrients to be supplied to farms through drippers or emitters.

Aqua Hub Kenya is the best dealer in Drip Kits and related farm products such as greenhouses, shade nets, Dream liners, and sprinklers. Considering the topography and structure of the farm information, we help farmers choose the best drip kit design that fits their fields.

Components of and Functions of Drip Kit Fittings

Elbow connectors It is used to join mainline pipes in corners or where there is a need to bend them to ensure water is not blocked from flowing.
Main Supply, HDPE pipe is laid along the plants from the water source to the end of the farm to supply water in drops.
Feeder Line HDPE pipe The pipe supplies water from the mainline to the planter. It is connected to the mainline using a connector and to the drip on the other side.
Drip Pipe Emitters It is important in controlling the water release in the planters. Drip emitters are designed for different rates of water drops, which different colour codes can identify on their caps. Yellow represents 2 Litres per hour; blue represents 4 litres per hour, and black for 8 Litres per hour.
HDPE & PVC connectors Connects the feeder line with the mainline
T-connectors can also be used to join the feeder line with the mainline. However, a T-connector can also divert water to two different drip emitters.
Straight Connectors Connects two ends on the mainline.
Straight Connector with Tap Fits in line with the mainline.
Male Adapter Used to connect the mainline pipe to the household tap
End Cap Used to close the mainline pipe and prevent water from flowing out.
Drip Hole Puncher used to make holes in the mainline pipes
Ratchet Clamp used to fit connectors on the main line pipe.

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Drip Kit Prices in Kenya 

Size/ Line per bed   1 Line per Bed   2 lines per Bed   3 Lines per Bed
1 acre                       75,000                                   130,000                  160,000
1/2 acre                       40,000                                      61,000                  71,000
1/4 acre                       28,000                                      40,000                    50,000
1/8 acre                       13,000                                      23,000                    26,000

Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Drip Kit Prices in Kenya | Sprinkler Prices in Kenya | Rain Hose Prices in Kenya

Type of Irrigation Used cost in KES
Size of the Land Drip Kits  Sprinklers & Rain Gun   Rain Hose Irrigation System 
1 acre                               130,000                           115,000                                   100,000
1/2 acre                                 61,000                             55,000                                      50,000
1/4 acre                                 40,000                             35,000                                      33,000
1/8 acre                                 23,000                             22,000                                      20,000

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