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Small-Scale Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Drip Irrigation: Sustainable Agriculture

Small-Scale Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya suits farmers who cultivate small pieces of land such as 1 acre and below. We often consider such farmers low budget, especially when they are beginners to farming or sustainable farming methods such as drip irrigation farming. Drip line prices in Kenya depend on the supplier and size of your farm.

Drip Irrigation Systems in Kenya

Water supply through drip irrigation maintains a balance in water supply to individual crops across the entire crop field. Fertilizers can also be diluted and supplied to crops using drip irrigation systems.
There are better ways to enhance efficiency in your drip irrigation systems despite being expensive. Such methods as using timers and smart automated systems on your drip line can enhance maximum water saving.

Small-Scale Drip Irrigation Components

  1. Drip Tapes – Drip line pipes with emitter holes for direct supply of water to the soil plant root zone. The size of the emitter hole is small and equal across the entire pipe to allow precision flow. Can be available at spacings of 15, 20 and 30 cm apart.
  2. Mainline pipe – HDPE or PVC pipes for drawing water from the storage tanks or source to drip lines
  3. Sub-mainline Pipe – Connects to mainline pipes. Still can be HDPE or PVC meant to reduce the volume of water entering certain farm sections. For water balance, you must divide farms into sections and distribute water to each section.
  4. Lateral pipes – Lateral or delivery pipes are hose tubes that distribute water to drip lines. They are laid along the sub-mainline pipes but on the surface of the soil.
  5. Drip Connectors – Connectors enhance leak free connection of pipes and fittings along the entire drip irrigation system.
  6. Water Irrigation Filters – The system needs a device to trap and enhance removal of sand and soil particles that can accumulate.
  7. Fertilizer tank – it may be necessary to install a fertilizer tank and connect it to the system for easier injection of soluble fertilizers into the plant line.
  8. Ball Valves – to regulate flow of irrigation water.
  9. Check Valves – To flush the system and prevent the back flow of water.

Drip line prices in Kenya

Where to Practice Drip Irrigation in Kenya

Drip irrigation can be done anywhere, so long as there is access to water and the crop growth conditions are favourable for production. The limitation is the access to resources such as funding, land, and water for cultivation. Additionally, topography of the land is also a matter of concern; it may not be possible to adopt this method on steep terrains.
Semi-urban areas with limited lands for cultivation can enhance faster and enhanced flow of food products using drip irrigation. Another benefit of drip irrigation in urban areas is water maintenance, since water is a scarce and costly resource in urban settings.

What You Can Achieve with Small-Scale Drip Irrigation systems in Kenya

Depending on the crop you go for, drip irrigation can be very profitable. Let’s assume you have an acre of land under drip irrigation of tomatoes. You are likely to yield 6–8 tons of tomatoes, which can be equivalent to KES 800,000 – 1,000,000.

Advantages of Small-Scale Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Drip irrigation is a ticket to increased crop production levels, as yield registered steam way beyond expected levels. Experts’ research shows that the moisture levels and crop arrangements in drip irrigation methods offers better conditions for plant growth.
Moreover, the disease and pest effects are dealt with since there is no room for moisture and temperature that breads pest.
Weed control is another advantage of drip irrigation for small scale farming. A small farm is easy to control weeds by drip, since you can uproot weeds growing on plant lines. The entire surfaces are dry or less moist normally since drip irrigation partially wets the soil.

Small-Scale Drip Irrigation Kits Prices

Size/ Line per bed 1 Line 2 lines 3 Lines
1 acre 75,000 130,000 160,000
1/2 acre 40,000 61,000 71,000
1/4 acre 28,000 40,000 50,000
1/8 acre 13,000 23,000 26,000

Drip line Prices in Kenya

The cost of drip line pipe is KES. 8 per meter.

Drip Irrigation Kits Supplier in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is a popular supplier dealing in affordable drip line prices in Kenya and small-scale drip irrigation kits installation.