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Drip Irrigation Kits and Prices in Kenya

Affordable Drip Irrigation Kits

Drip Irrigation Kits and Prices in Kenya | While agricultural and sustainable irrigation solutions have constantly evolved, drip irrigation is increasingly becoming a better tradition to irrigate crops.
It is evident in how crops mature faster and produce quality yield when grown under drip irrigation.
With drip irrigation, water is your precious resource, you can rely on it to save tons of water and turn your farm green with less water.

Advantages of drip kits 

  1. Water conservation – Drip Irrigation lowers the amount of water used on your farm as it limits the surfaces that entirely come to contact with water.
  2. Fair and Balance water supply – Water equally reaches every plant in a farm. With drip tapes installed in every plant line, each plant receives equal tons of water drops.
  3. Nutrient dosing to plant – It is possible to supply fertilizer to crops with drip irrigation. You just must feed soluble fertilizers into the main line supply by linking a fertilizer tank.
  4. Weed reduction – Weeds rarely grow on drip irrigated farms unless during the rainy seasons. The lower water reaches other soil surfaces in between plant lines reduces weed growth.
  5. Low Diseases and pest accumulation – As weed growth is suppressed, pest and diseases accumulation get low.

Affordable Drip Irrigation Kits

Components of Drip Irrigation Kits and Prices in Kenya

  • Mainline and Sub-mainline pipes (HDPE)
  • Water Filters
  • Drip lines (PE)
  • Water Filters (Screen Filters)
  • Drip Connectors (start connectors, middle connectors, end caps)
  • Saddle Clamps
  • Control valves (ball valves, check valves and mini valves)
  • HDPE end caps
  • Fertilizer tank
  • Water tanks

Drip Irrigation Kit and Prices

Choosing the Right Drip Irrigation Kits and Prices in Kenya: What to Consider

  • Getting the right drip irrigation kit for your crops is a crucial step when starting adoption of drip irrigation in your farms. All you need is an expert or drip irrigation installation company with experience and quality accessories.
  • The best factor to consider when purchasing drip irrigation kits is the durability of drip irrigation kits. How certain drip lines and fittings can last while working under harsh climate conditions such as cold, hot, and humid weather helps decide whether to buy it or not.
  • Quality of drip kits determines their effectiveness in your application. Reputable brands always deal with quality and effective products. We are a reputable brand dealing in quality products sourced from top Manufacturers in the world.
  • The number of drip lines per bed also dictate the cost and number of drip kits to purchase.
  • The crops to grow is a factor to consider when choosing drip kits because different crops have different water requirements. It also determines whether a crop is suitable for drip irrigation as per the spacing to use.

Drip Kits for fruits and other crops are also available at lower costs.

Drip Irrigation Installation Tips

We are committed to conducting a one-time-proper installation of drip irrigation kits in Kenya for your farms. We are the ones to conduct the process in case you cannot do it yourself, but we must first ensure you understand how it is done so that you get prepared for it.

What we Consider

For proper layout and water supply to your farm, we always check to ensure that your land has a good terrain. As you know, drip irrigation depends on gravity for water flow, the land should allow water to flow to all parts of the farm efficiently.
Set aside flat or gently sloping land which is less rocky or hilly. Clear all bushes and trees that can make farming and water supply hard.

Drip Installation Procedure

  1. Prepare the land for installation. Remove any obstacles and clear the land for setup of drip irrigation.
  2. Dig trenches for laying pipes (Mainline and sub-mainline pipes)
  3. Laying mainline and sub-mainline pipes on the trenches
  4. Connecting mainline and sub-mainline pipes to the delivery and emitter pipes. Using connectors and fittings.
  5. Drill the sub mainline and attach saddle clamps for enhanced connection of sub-mainline and delivery pipes.
  6. Fit end caps on the end of pipes.
  7. Proceed to test the connection for any possible faulty connection. Open water taps and check for any errors that need correction.

Maintenance of Drip Irrigation kits in Kenya

Drip irrigation is delicate and requires proper maintenance and monitoring daily. The drip lines are prone to clogging due to silt accumulation. Clogging can lead to lower water reach to plants, which affect plant growth.
Surface drip tapes and delivery pipes are susceptible to damage from animal interference and human careless activities.

Consider the following measures;

  • Flushing the irrigation system is a good practice to lower or prevent silt accumulation in pipes.
  • Open and clean water filters frequently to enhance the efficiency of silt filters.
  • Repair broken and leaking pipes as soon as you notice.
  • Always ensure your farm is kept away from children and individuals who can damage valves and other parts of a drip irrigation system.
  • It is always good to leave a 1 m navigation space to prevent stepping on the drip tapes.

  Drip Irrigation Kits and Drip Kit Prices in Kenya

The cost of purchasing drip kits and setting up a drip irrigation system depends on the size of the farm anticipated and number of lines per bed. Several crops differ in the spacing distance and thus to identify the suitable number of lines per bed, consider them.
We offer affordable drip irrigation kits to determined farmers in Kenya and East Africa. Our pricing depends on the lines per bed that we can do for you.

Drip Irrigation Kit and Prices

Success Stories: Farmers already Benefiting from Drip Irrigation in Kenya

Our drip irrigation projects for the past five years have benefited many farmers in Kenya. We have done numerous projects that were successful and still work properly, courtesy of our technical team.
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