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Avocado Irrigation Farming in Kenya

Avocado Irrigation Farming

Avocado Irrigation farming substantially improves production rates by 30% since it enhances proper maintenance and fertilizer application and disease control. You can use drip irrigation, button drip or sprinklers for avocado water distribution.

Irrigated Avocado plants matures faster compared to those that naturally depends on rainfall for moisture requirements.

Why you should invest in Avocado Irrigation farming.

The avocado roots do not grow deep under the soil unlike other perennial crops. They at times strain on extracting water from less retentive soil in most places.
Irrigation offers moisture availability in root zones for early flowering, fruit formation and ripening of the avocado fruits.

Similarly, presence of water prevents the avocado trees from shading leaves during dry periods. The leaves maintain the green colouring matter for growth of the plant.

Why Precision Irrigation 

Avocado irrigation farming will ensure an organized row and balanced spacing of plants for equal nutrient share and growth levels. However, it entirely depends on the type of irrigation system that you decide to use.

Irrigation Systems Suitable for Avocado farming in Kenya

A good irrigation system for avocados should be highly efficient in water distribution factors. The system needs to cover a large surface soil wetting pattern for all the bases of the plant.
The flow rate should also be a matter of concern to ensure that soil erosion is avoided as it can result in root exposure and soil fertility removal.

Drip irrigation 

Drip lines are good slow water application methods to avocado plants. 16 mm drip tapes can be installed to cover the surface around the plant. 30 cm drip line spacing is the best for avocado plants. You can also use double emitter hole drip lines to enhance sufficient water supply to avocado plants.

Button Drippers

Adjustable and non-adjustable button drippers are good for young avocado plants. They supply water in slow sprays that can supply adequate water for newly transplanted to mature avocado trees.


They have slightly high flow rates than button drippers and often a faster wetting rate. You can use it to irrigate avocado trees to a certain height.

Cost of Setting Up Avocado Irrigation systems

  • The cost of purchasing and setting up an irrigation system for avocado plants depends on the irrigation company.
  • We sell button drippers at KES 10 per piece and installation pipes and fittings differently as per farm size.
  • Drip irrigation kits prices also vary as per the farm size and number of lines per bed.
Size/ Line per bed 1 Line 2 lines 3 Lines
1 acre 75000 130000 160000
1/2 acre 40000 61000 71000
1/4 acre 28000 40000 50000
1/8 acre 13000 23000 26000

Who to Consult

Aqua Hub Kenya is among the best companies to consult for Avocado irrigation farming and other sustainable systems. We install Irrigation systems at affordable prices.
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