Solar Dryers

How to Use Solar Dryers for Pyrethrum Dehydration

Solar Dryers for Pyrethrum

A more advanced method of drying pyrethrum with more efficiency is the use of solar dryers. Solar Dryers for pyrethrum act as protection from harsh weather and enhance heat accumulation for faster dehydration of the flowers.

The purpose of Drying Pyrethrum

Pyrethrum flowers are useful in making insecticides. To obtain pure chemical ingredients or pyrethrin, moisture should be extracted. Pyrethrum flowers need to be dehydrated until they have a final moisture rate of 12 %.

if the final moisture is too high, it may induce rotting or result to a lower price.

Despite the ease and profitability of producing pyrethrum flowers, farmers have experienced losses in their harvest during the drying process. The losses come because of the physical drying of pyrethrum on the ground surface/sun basking. Drying on the ground could result to the pyrethrum flowers attracting moisture or animals scattering them.

Why Solar Dryers are ideal for Pyrethrum

Solar dryers for pyrethrum have a higher efficiency due to a higher ability to exercise control over the drying process. You can easily adjust the temperature or reduce the ventilation according to the size of the structure.

Using solar dryers reduces the cost and inconveniences of solar drying by a larger percentage. Solar dryers provide a larger drying capacity as they have shelves to accommodate more produce.

Structure of Solar Dryers for Pyrethrum

Normally, the source of energy that enhances the drying of pyrethrum flowers is the heat from the sun. Ultraviolet polythene sheets are excellent light transmitters and equally, allow heat inside and traps it.

Ventilation balances the temperature of the solar dryer environment so that the quality of the dried pyrethrum is not damaged.

The surface is laid with a dark heat insulator such as a dam liner to prevent heat loss or moisture evaporating to the atmosphere from the ground.

Common Types of Pyrethrum Dryers

Simple Wooden Solar Dryer

Small structures made of wood have shelves that hold the pyrethrum flowers on the shelves. Covered with polythene paper to prevent rain from hydrating the dried pyrethrum.

Metallic or Commercial Dryers

Consists of a fabricated metal structure designed with shelves or drying chambers on the inside to hold the pyrethrum flowers. The outer covering is a polythene cover material which has a 300-to-1000-micron level. It allows sunlight and heat to penetrate through into the drying chamber.

Solar Dryers for Pyrethrum

It also contains ventilation that allow air in for drying the pyrethrum flowers.

Materials you need to Construct a Dryer

The common things you need to set up a solar dryer for dehydrating pyrethrum includes.

  • Wooden poles and frames.
  • Steel metal profiles and bars
  • Wire mesh or nets for shelves
  • Plastic Polythene cover
  • Wires, nails or tapping screws

Understanding How Solar Dryers Work

Drying of pyrethrum flowers in solar dryers occurs through heat transfer through convection. As air enters the chamber it is heated and circulates to the chambers. The moisture in the pyrethrum flowers is heated and evaporates to the air.

Designing a Solar Dryer

A solar dryer for extracting moisture from pyrethrum flowers needs designing as per the requirements of drying the plant.

The factors to consider include the size of the produce, space availability, Sunlight reach, terrain or landscape, and wind or air circulation.

Depending on the budgeted expense you are willing to incur, you can choose a variety of solar dryer types to set up. From simple wooden, steel or metallic greenhouse dryers to hybrid solar dryers you can settle for a suitable size.

We construct various solar dryer sizes that can accommodate small-scale to large-scale pyrethrum harvests. Our sizes are custom or standard measurements such as 2 x 2 x2 m, 3 x 3 x 2 M and 3 x 3 x 5 M.

Solar Dryers for Pyrethrum

Other Crops that Require Solar Dryers

  • Vegetables such as kales, spinach, cabbage, pepper and tomatoes.
  • Tea leaves
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Onions
  • Cashew nuts
  • Cassava
  • Millet
  • Coffee berries flour

Advantages of Pyrethrum Dryers

  • It takes fewer days to dry flowers compared to direct drying in the sun.
  • Reduction in the rate of flower loss.
  • Better flower quality due to less fermentation
  • The drying pyrethrum produced does not mix with dirt or animal waste
  • Drying can take place in any weather condition as rain does not affect the flowers.
  • Solar drying prevents losses that may occur to your flowers due to a protected drying chamber

Cost of Solar Dryers in Kenya

The price of Solar Dryers for Pyrethrum comes at a range of KES 100,000 to KES 1,000,000 all based on the size and type of a dryer.

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