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Low Cost Solar Dryers for Fish and Vegetables

Low Cost Solar Dryers

Low cost Solar dryers in Kenya are among the various structures that enhance utilization of solar energy to remove moisture in food crops. We have all types of low cost solar dryers at lower costs. Our dryers are quality and tailor made to suit your drying needs.

Why Fruits and Vegetables Requires Dehydration

Solar drying is a great process and essential for perishable farm produces such as tomato, carrots, vegetables, and fruits.
Food and vegetables contain sugar and moisture during post-harvest periods which makes them susceptible to bacteria and micro-organisms.
Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that moisture levels are low to prevent them from going bad easily.
Food dryers are available in various types and sizes that are effective for drying all varieties of fruits and vegetables.

How to Ensure that Fruits and Vegetables taste remain

The rate at which solar dryers dehydrate fruits and vegetables depends on the intensity of the sunlight. During sunny periods, food products take a shorter period to dry as compared to cloudy or colder days.

Choosing an Hybrid Solar Dryers in Kenya

You can choose a hybrid solar dryer if you want to increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables you are drying in a shorter time.
A hybrid solar dryer is an effective solar dryer integrated with other energy sources such as electric radiators, Solar energy systems, charcoal burner, batteries, and biomass.

All these additional energy sources provide energy to dehydrate food when the sun is not available.
Hybrid dryers have higher efficiency and is good for commercial growers who want to dry their produce on a 24 hour basis.

What to look for in a Solar Dryer

Making  solar dryers requires the use of materials that enhance the optimal temperatures for drying to ensure that food dries up without nutrient damage.
Heat transfer is through convention and thus air circulation is a key condition for moisture removal. The build up of heat must be controllable to prevent food products from cooking up.

Benefits of  Low Cost Solar Dryers

  1. Low cost Solar dryers take up less space to construct as they are customizable to hold as much produce as possible in racks.
  2. It lowers the risk of post-harvest losses and accumulation of waste food products on farms.
  3. Furthermore, solar drying prevents the spread of diseases that affect harvests, which normally results in food poisoning.
  4. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of nutrients and vitamins, which are also available in their dried form.
  5. Low cost Solar dryers are convenient for small and commercial growers during low market seasons. They can dry and preserve the vegetables and fruits for consumption and sale during shortage in future times.
  6. Food spices vegetables such as onions and tomato are perishable, thus solar dryers can help dry them for safe consumption.
  7. Using low cost solar dryers saves you a lot of energy and lowers the electricity bills spent on refrigerators for drying fruits and

Low Cost Solar Dryer Prices in Kenya

Solar Dryer Size Drying Capacity No. of shelves.   Wooden Cost    Steel Cost 
1.5m X1.5m X 1.5m 40-50Kgs 2     55,000      105,000
2m x 2m x 1.5m 50-100Kgs 2     75,000      120,000
2m x 2m x 2m 90-130Kgs 3     85,000      140,000
3m x 2m x 2m 150-180Kgs 3     90,000      153,000

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