Solar Dryers

Solar Dryers for Fruits and Vegetables in Kenya

Solar Dryers in Kenya | Solar Dryers for Fruits and Vegetables

Solar Dryers in Kenya | Solar Dryers for Fruits and Vegetables | Aqua Hub Kenya is the leading consultant for solar dryers in Kenya. We recommend drying of vegetables using solar dryers because it’s the most effective and safe way to preserve fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables and Fruits Dryer in Kenya

  • Tomatoes
  •  Chili
  •  Cabbage
  •  Kales
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Mangoes
  • Onions
  • Fish ( Omena)
  • Meat

Features of Vegetable and Fruits Solar Dryer

  • The greenhouse material polythene for solar is an insulating material and preserves heat for drying the crops.
  • Vegetable Solar dryers just like other solar dryers have ventilations to allow entry of air to the solar dryer.
  • The roofing is made of transparent greenhouse covers, which allows heat to enter and traps it.
  • Normally, the solar dryers have solar panels and fans to enable air to be directed to the solar dryer at one point.
  • Black surface for maximum heat absorption
  • Sizable shelves to dry the matter

How Solar Dryers work | The concept of Solar Dehydrator in Kenya

Vegetables are placed in shelves and spread or arranged to allow balanced aeration. The heat level is controlled through air entry and exit mechanisms such as ventilation, insulation, and fans.
The air inside is heated and becomes lighter, thus heating the moisture on the crops in turn. The moisture turns to steam and is removed and replaced by the cold dry air entering through the ventilation.

How to Dry Vegetables and Fruits using Affordable Solar Dryers from Aqua Hub Kenya

How to dry Vegetables using Solar Dryer by Aqua Hub Kenya

Steps to dry vegetables depend on the type of vegetable to dry.
Vegetable Leaves and Tomatoes
1. Pick good and fresh vegetable leaves and tomatoes.
2. Wash the leaves thoroughly using clean water.
3. Chop the vegetables into small pieces.
4. Spread them on the solar dryer shelf and leave them to dry the whole day.
5. Pack the vegetables in plastic bags.

1. Select only fresh chilli.
2. Boil the chilli under a high temperature of 65 degrees for 3 minutes to allow bleaching.
3. Place it on the drying chamber.
4. Store the dry chilly in plastic bags.

How long does it take to dry Vegetables?

The duration it takes to fully dry vegetables depend on the type of vegetables, the type of solar dryer and the temperature of the drying mechanism.
For leafy and high-water content vegetables such as cabbage, it will take 2–3 days to fully dry them using a solar dryer. Other vegetables such as African nightshade and kales takes 1 day to dry.
Vegetables dry faster in commercial and hybrid solar dryers than natural sun drying means. In the normal Solar Dryers in Kenya | Solar Dryers for Fruits and Vegetables , vegetables and fruits can take up to 5 days to dry well.

What temperature to maintain in Vegetable and Fruits Solar dryers?

  • 50–70 Degrees Celsius

Structure of a Vegetable Solar Dryer

  • Solar dryers are made of custom wooden or metallic structures.
  • The shape of the structures can either be vented or arch shaped.
  • For wooden solar dryers, they are mostly rectangular with a flat top roof.
  • Solar dryer shelves and poles for holding the polythene nets are wooden bars that can be easily available in homes or up country.

Cost of Vegetable Solar Dryers | Fruits and Vegetable Solar Dryer Prices in Kenya

  • 2m by 2m by 2m – KES. 75,000
  • 2m by 3m by 2m – KES. 85,000
  • 2m by 4m by 2m – KES. 105,000
  • 2m by 5m by 2m – KES. 125,000

Other Uses of Solar dryers in Kenya

  • Domestic drying of food
  • Drying of grains and cereals
  • Industrial drying and processing of food and perishable crops
  • Pasteurization
Benefits of Solar Dryers
  • Solar dryers prevent re-introduction of moisture into dried food. Moisture or rainfall cannot enter solar dryers.]
  • Solar dryers are faster methods of drying food.
  • Solar dryers enable food security and preservation for future use.
  • Solar dryers make it easier to store food for future use.
  • The cost of building and maintaining solar dryers is low.

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