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Solar Dryers for Coffee in Kenya

Solar Dryers for Coffee in Kenya

Solar Dryers for Coffee in Kenya|Aqua Hub Kenya is a solar dryer consultant and construction company in Kenya. We have greenhouse solutions , Irrigation, and food preservation products tailored to meet the goals of food safety and functional capacity.

The need for Effective Solar dryers in Kenya

  • Coffee is one of the most perishable crops and normally goes bad when kept under extreme heat. Coffee processing involves washing and pulping of the coffee berries before fermentation. Coffee should be dried afterwards for proper fermentation and taste of the beverage, Air circulation is necessary for excellent quality of the end caffeine product that comes from the seeds.
  • The goal of solar dryers uses in coffee is to get rid of moisture and prevent excess humidity. Therefore, coffee farmers should develop or embrace coffee drying mechanisms that will lower humidity levels to cut down losses

N/B : The use of solar dryers offers a cheaper, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to dry coffee.

How a Solar Dryer Works

Solar dryers take the structure of a greenhouse, mainly of metallic frame covered with a long-lasting greenhouse polythene that can withstand harsh and extremely hot weather conditions.
The vent and the wall nets ensure proper circulation of dry air, thus reducing accumulation of high moisture content in the structure. High temperatures and adequate air circulation ensures the coffee beans dry evenly at a much faster and convenient rate.

Types of Coffee Solar Dryer in Kenya

  • Wooden or Metallic Solar Dryers Solar dryers with simple wooden or metallic structures. They are covered with plastic polythene covers and mesh nets on the sides for ventilation.
  • Hybrid Solar Dryers-Hybrid Solar dryers are advanced solar dryers that have chambers or parts that function together to enhance the removal of moisture from crops. The chambers are;
  • Solar Absorber – Can be a solar panel or multiple panels connected to absorb solar energy from the sun.
  • Heat exchanger – heat absorbing materials such as steel, copper, and cast iron materials.
  • Heat Storage unit – Batteries mounted on the solar panels for storing heat to be used on cloudy or unreliable sunlight days.
  • Drying Chamber – The chamber containing food to be dried. Large vacuum and shelves for drying food.
  • Fans – For directing air into the solar dryer.

Material Requirements for Constructing Solar Dryers for coffee in Kenya

  • Metallic or Wooden Structure
  • UV Treated cover
  • Insect Nettings for Ventilations
  • Black surface for Heat absorption
  • Shelves for the coffee to be dried
  • Fans or Cyclone for air circulation

Cost of Coffee solar Dryers in Kenya | Coffee Solar Dryer Prices in Kenya

Dimension of Dryer Price of Dryer (KES.)
2m by 2m by 2m 75,000
2m by 3m by 2m 85,000
2m by 4m by 2m 105,000
2m by 5m by 2m 125,000

How to construct Coffee solar Dryer : Steps to follow for effective coffee solar dryer

  1. Inspection of the Construction site for suitability. Our technicians visit the site and examines it.
  2. Prepare the site by clearing the vegetation and flattening the surface.
  3. Take the measurements of the Solar Dryer to be constructed and match it to the ground to obtain the markings.
  4. Dig holes for erection of the metal poles. (approx. 4 inches and 20 inches deep). Ensure the holes are dug in a straight line. Includes both edges and inside parts for shelves erection.
  5. Place the bars in the holes and bury them using cement or soil. To align them in a straight line, use a string or rope tied to poles from both ends of the structure. Leave the cemented poles for two days to harden up.
  6. Attach the running edge metal to the erected metal poles using screws or nuts and bolts.
  7. Place the arch metal bars on the top and attach them to the standing metal poles using nuts and bolts.
  8. For vented solar dryers, leave a vent extension of 50 cm.
  9. Place the polythene cover on top of the structure and attach it to the arch.
  10. Fit the shelves with wire mesh or nets. The shelves are usually depends on the size of the dryer.

How many beds in a Solar Dryer?

Depending on the size of the structure, you can have 2 to 3 rows of the coffee beds at a spacing of 50 cm between them, with each having 2 layers of shelves.

Factors to consider during construction of affordable coffee solar dryers in Kenya 
  • Direction of the wind
  • Site Slope
  • Good drainage – An area for building solar dryers should have a good drainage soil for always keeping the ground surfaces dry and free from floods.

Consult us on how to dry your coffee. You can contract us to develop quality solar dryers for your coffee and other crops at convenient and cheap costs.
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