Solar Dryers

Solar dryer for Sale in Kenya

Solar dryer for Sale in Kenya

Solar Dryers for sale in Kenya are effective structures that helps avoid inconveniences of direct sun drying of foods and crop produce. Application of solar drying of food enhances faster drying, quality of dried food, and maintenance of desirable taste and Smell.

Solar Dryers for Sale by Aqua Hub

We construct solar dryers for our Clients in Kenya and entire East Africa at affordable costs so that they can preserve their produce.

Importance of Food Solar Dryers

Food dehydration is an easy and less expensive method of preserving food that might otherwise go bad.

Drying eliminates moisture, which stops fermentation and the formation of mold.

Additionally, it slows the natural chemical alterations that occur in food, for example when fruits ripen. Grains, veggies, and fruit surplus can be dried, preserved and kept for further use.

Types of Solar Dryers for sale in Kenya

We have various types and designs of solar dryers which are suitable for drying different types of crops. Our solar dryers take wooden structures or steel profiles. The difference comes from the design of the dryer.

Greenhouse Solar Dryers

The shape and structure are like a greenhouse but has shelves inside for holding food products to dry. We always use greenhouse polyethene sheet to cover the solar dryer structure.

Polythene material is a proper heat insulator and retains maximum heat that dries food. At the same time, it is waterproof and transparent to allow sunlight to penetrate.

Simple Wooden Solar Dryers in Kenya

A wooden solar dryer with wooden shelves that have insect nets to hold the foodstuffs to dry.

Simple solar dryers can be covered with a greenhouse polythene cover on the entire walls or a hard glass.

The base is a cement floor covered with a black material or mulch paper.

Hybrid Solar Dryers

A Hybrid or Commercial Solar Dryers is a greenhouse solar dryer that has integrated systems that dry food.

They increase the efficiency of drying food by maximizing heat energy that removes moisture from food.

Hybrid solar dryers in Kenya have solar panels, invertors, radiators, heat storage batteries, wires, fans, and heating chambers where food drying occurs.

How Our Dryers Work

The air that circulates over the food in a solar dryer is heated by the sun’s radiation.

Heat causes the relative humidity in the air to decrease and increases its ability to store moisture. Moisture that evaporates from the food’s surfaces exits through ventilation, as hot dry carries it outside.

Advantages of  Solar Dryers in Kenya

  • Foodstuff takes less time to dry and ready for packing.
  • Solar dryers enhance a food secure future.
  • Dry food maintains it nutrients level, taste, and smell.
  • Food has lower moisture content thus it is free from decay or bacteria activity.
  • Vegetable, grains, and fruits are free from birds, insects, and heavy rains.

Applications of Solar Dryers

  1. Solar dryers are applicable in drying vegetables, fruits, and cereals.
  2. Drying fish, Omena and meat.
  3. Dehydration of Pepper, tomatoes, and munched potatoes
  4. Moisture removal and drying of coffee berries.

Solar Dryer Prices in Kenya

The cost of Solar dryers depends on the size, type, and design of the dryer you need. The Price of Solar dryers by Aqua Hub ranges from KES 100,000KES 360,000.

Solar Dryer Suppliers in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya helps farmers get value from their farm produce by offering quality solar dryers at affordable prices.
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