Dam Liners

Dam Liners in Kenya

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Dam Liners in Kenya

Dam Liners in Kenya are organic, cross-linked binding polymer crystals, specifically designed for applications such as dam sealing and general site water management. It is an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly product that is capable of instantly sealing dams and other porous materials.

To every farmer, water is the most vital resource and with the current changes in rainfall patterns and unpredictable weather changes, there is an increase in the need for suitable water harvesting and conservation methods. That’s why at Aqua-hub Kenya, we offer UV-treated dam liners designed and manufactured to withstand extremely harsh climatic conditions.

The liner is welded together to prevent slippage of water on its surfaces. Dam liners embrace agrotechnology ensuring easier solutions to underlying water access problems are met. Let that extra coin come back to your pocket as you invest in an easier water harvesting and conservation solution.

Determinants of a farmer’s choice of liners

(i) Type of surface to be installed (soil type)

(ii) Volume of water it is intended to hold

Dam Liners in Kenya


(i) Irrigation ponds

(ii) Canals, ditches, and water reservoirs

(iii) Aquaculture

(iv) Drop-in tanks

Advantages of dam liners

(i) High resistance to shear stress

(ii) They resist harmful rays

(iii) Easy to clean and maintain

(iv) Cost-effective

Dam Liners in Kenya

Specifications of Dam Liners in Kenya 

(i) Thickness –0.3 mm,0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1 mm

The type and thickness of material in dam liners vary. The main determinants of the type of material to be used are;

(i) Size of the dam or pond

(ii) The exposure to UV rays

(iii) Required dam liner life

(iv) Nature of the base of the dam

(v) Preparation of the base of the dam

(vi) The available budget for the dam liner

We weld them to fit the size and shape of the water pan/fishpond


Dam Liners in KenyaPrices of Dam Liners in Kenya 

Size Cost
0.3 mm 215/-
0.5 mm 280/-
1 mm 380/-



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