Irrigation Systems

Best Irrigation Systems in Kenya

Best Irrigation Systems

It is at Aqua Hub Kenya where you will probably find the best irrigation systems for various crop irrigation. We have quality and effective accessories and systems that enhance climate-smart and productive agriculture.

Types of Best Irrigation Systems

Ranging from traditional to modern methods, irrigation systems are available according to how they supply water.

Furrow or Surface Irrigation

It is a method of supplying water to crops by directing them to the field using furrows. Water flows to the farm by gravity.

It consumes a lot of water and is only suitable for flat lands.

Drip Irrigation

Best irrigation systems technique of distributing water to field crops using special pipes called drip emitters.

Drip emitters contains small holes that release water at uniform volumes. The method saves water and prevents heavy weed growth.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Best Irrigation Systems

Best Irrigation Systems

The sprinkler irrigation method is another technique that relies on a high-pressure water supply to irrigate crops. It consists of a connection of supply pipes and sprinkler devices which releases high flow rates for water supply. It is effective for high water requirement crops.

The ability to automate sprinklers makes them suitable for precision watering. This means that you can avoid overwatering or underwatering crops.

Subsurface Irrigation

Subsurface irrigation is a method of underground Irrigation of crops. Water supply pipes are connected and buried below the ground surface. This way, it eases crop propagation and farm weeding processes. The method can be effective for large-scale corn and wheat plantations.

Which Irrigation System to Go For?

You are now aware of the irrigation systems options to go for. However, you need to be conversant with the suitable system for your crop. Here are the common factors to consider.

The type of Soil

Irrigation system have varying impact on the soil. They are best suited for specific soil types as per the structure and drainage. You don’t want an irrigation system that can easily erode your soil.


Different irrigation systems are suitable for specific landscapes. For instance, Drip Irrigation and surface run-off are best for flat lands. Water flows through gravity and cannot function in hilly or slope terrains.

Type of Crop

Crops require different rates of water to attain proper growth. On the same note, foliage and root development depends with the rate and intensity of irrigation. For instance, shallow-rooted crops are not good for Sprinkler Irrigation as the force of water can expose the roots.

Some crops are also prone to fungal diseases and thus not good for sprinkler irrigation methods.

Climate Condition

The climatic conditions for a certain area determines the type of irrigation system to apply. For dry areas, it is ideal to use water-saving techniques such as drip irrigation.

Best Irrigation Systems in Kenya by Aqua Hub

We have the best prices for our irrigation systems suitable for a wide range of crop applications in Kenya.

Our team is eager to help you settle for a better choice of irrigation system for your crop needs. Our insights include the total cost and requirements for a unit size of land.

How We Determine the Cost of Irrigation Installation

Don’t worry if you have no idea about the size of the intended irrigation land. We have technicians to help you measure and recommend the best irrigation systems for your land and soil type.

You are required to cater for the cost of the site visit and aftermath installation at an affordable cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most efficient irrigation system?

Drip irrigation is a highly effective method. It saves maximum water and reduces weed growth in the crop field.

What irrigation systems are the most popular?

Drip, sprinkler and, Surface irrigation methods are the most known and applicable methods for irrigation.

What type of garden irrigation system is best?

Precision or drip irrigation

Which type of irrigation is water used most economically?

Drip irrigation is a type of water-saving method of. It saves much water and uses less amount of water for crop irrigation.

Where can I Purchase irrigation Systems in Kenya?

Aqua Hub Kenya