Drip Irrigation for Maize Farming in Kenya

Increasing yield with drip Irrigation

Maize farming faces a lot of challenges which highly impacts the overall annual yield and food security. Since maize is a staple food source the less yield results in hunger due to shortage in supplies. We can factor in smart ways of increasing yield with drip irrigation for maize farming in Kenya as the method offers high optimization.

What to Consider before using drip irrigation for Maize farming 

To register higher maize or corn production, you must ensure optimal growing conditions.

Right temperature, adequate water, soil PH and optimum humidity influences the propagation and yield of maize production. The requirements of these growth factors should be achieved so successful production can be done.

Components of Drip Irrigation for maize farming in Kenya

  • Mainline Water pipes, Storage water tanks, tank connectors, Ball Valves, Connectors and Fittings
  • Fertilizer Injector
  • Water Filtration Kits
  • Drip lines (Pressure Compensating drip tapes)
  • Risers (PE pipes 16mm)
  • Air Release Valves

Is Drip Irrigation Good for maize farming?

Definitely yes due since it is easy to meet growing conditions when irrigating maize fields using drip method.

  1. High production rates of about 6–12 tons per acre.
  2. There is a higher water use efficiency due to less usage and minimum evaporation rates.
  3. Drip irrigation methods can distribute fertilizers effectively to maize fields. Fertilizer injectors are connected to water supply pipes to feed soluble fertilizers for supply to maize plants.
  4. There is no limit on the size of maize fields to apply drip irrigation systems. Large farms can be utilized to produce viable and quality maize crops with a 40 % water saving ratio.
  5. A typical or advanced drip irrigation system has features that make it suitable for increasing yield in production.
  6. To understand how such features make it viable to maximize yield, you must understand how drip irrigation works.

Understanding how Drip Irrigation Works

Water slowly finds its way deep to the roots of the plants through the emitter holes of the drip lines. The system has several pipes and drip lines connected to distribute water to the maize field.  Smaller droplets of water trickles down to the soil surface over time until the water is turned off.

The drop of water flows and creates an adequate volume of moisture in the soil that roots can absorb immediately.

Smaller patterns of soil around the plant soaks water and this reduces weed growth in the field.

Recommended Layout of Drip Irrigation for maize farming 

An underground layout or subsurface drip irrigation is suitable for maize irrigation. This involves connection of pipes and drip lines completely buried underground the soil.

Underground layout reduces the distraction and damage to drip lines during weeding and harvesting processes.

Recommended Drip line Spacing for Maize

Maize crops grow well in a uniform crop spacing distance of approximately 15 or 20 cm. Therefore, you need to drip lines with the same size of emitter spacing as well.

Increasing yield with drip Irrigation

How Drip Irrigation for maize farming Can Boost Yield

A drip irrigation system comes with UV treated plastic pipes, fittings, and accessories. These components are resistant to UV radiation and remain operational for a long time.

Low maintenance due to flexible and less faulty connections. The use of water filtration and good installation measures reduces the chances of damage.

Precise application of water reduces soil erosion, fertilizer leach and in turn preserves nutrient for maize plant usage.

Drip irrigation schemes can be automated to water maize plants using preset timer systems. These advanced systems open water flow at certain times and stop irrigation after a scheduled time.

Drip Irrigations for Maize Farming by Aqua Hub

Drip Irrigation systems from Aqua Hub Kenya are the solutions to your dire needs of your maize crops. Experience maximum water supply and high return on investment with drip irrigation.

Cost of Drip Irrigation Kits for Maize Farming in Kenya

Our drip irrigation system cost relatively cheap to purchase and install. We price them with the size of your farm or specific lines to use per farm section.

For 1 acre of farm the prices per no of lines are:

1 line per bed – KES 65,000

2 lines per bed – KES 130,000

3 lines per bed – 165,000

We have partnered with experts and agronomics to bring sustainable agricultural solutions and accessories at your convenience.

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