12 Steps of installing a Lawn Sprinkler System

Lawn Sprinkler system

An effective Lawn Sprinkler System can overcome the challenges of water distribution in uneven landscapes. Due to high pressure of flow and large spray radius, lawn sprinklers can supply enough water to all lawn parts.

Things you Will Need for Lawn Sprinkler system Installation

  • Mainline Pipes
  • PGP Pop-up sprinklers
  • Ball Valves
  • Hose Pipes
  • Pop-up controllers
  • Cable wires
  • Thread tapes.
  • Pressure Tank or Vessel
  • Booster Pump
  • Check Valves
  • Solenoid Valves
  • HDPE fittings such as Tee, elbow, and connectors

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12 Steps for installing an effective Lawn Sprinkler System

Setting up and testing a Lawn Sprinkler system can be a challenge, especially for automated systems. However, with a proper step-by-step approach, you can find it easier and faster to do it as you have a guide to follow.


  1. Start by planning or choosing a suitable layout of your lawn Sprinkler Irrigation. Depending on the type of sprinkler head you decide to work with, you can choose an underground or surface layout.
  2. Measure and mark the parts where you will lay out your pipes and pop-up Sprinklers. You can,
  3. Prepare trenches of about 30 cm deep on the marked paths where you will lay the pipes.
  4. Lay out the mainline pipes and sub mainline HDPE to the trenches.
  5. Connect the pipes using tee or elbow connectors depending on the part of the lawn. For middle pipe joints use tee while for end of pipe connections, use elbows.
  6. Flush the system to remove soil particles and sand.
  7. Connect end caps to sub mainline and mainline pipes. End Caps prevent water loss on the irrigation system sub mainline or start pipes.
  8. Connect the Lawn Sprinkler heads to the pipe connection. Attach the pop-up sprinkler heads to the male tee junction installed upright. Pop-up sprinkler heads can also be connected to riser pipes.
  9. Mount sprinkler controllers to the wall protected area.
  10. Connect the wires of the controllers to the solenoid valves of each sprinkler station.
  11. Test the Lawn Sprinkler system to ensure that the sprinkler controllers work properly and to see if water reaches all sprinkler heads. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set the timer and how to operate it.
  12. Cover the trenches using soil.

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Lawn Sprinkler system

Tips for Choosing an Appropriate Lawn Sprinkler System

To get the best pop-up sprinkler there are certain factors that come to play. They are:
Distance of coverage – what spray distance do you want to settle for? The spray distance varies depending on the size of a pop-up sprinkler.
Flow rate – It is ideal to consider the appropriate flow rate that suits your lawn water requirements.
Pressure requirements – The recommended pressure requirements of a sprinkler determine if it is compatible with an irrigation system.
The quality of a sprinkler determines the effectiveness and operation. Choose quality and popular brands such as Hunter, Rainbird and Toro.
The long-lasting property of Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation system is important to look at. With assurance of long term use you are sure of less cost of maintenance.
The angle of rotation – Depending on the size of your lawn you can choose a pop-up sprinkler by considering the angle of rotation. Pop-up sprinklers have a rotation of 0 to 360 degrees depending on the type.

5 Advantages of an Effective Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation System

An effective lawn sprinkler system offers maximum ease in watering various types of fields and compounds.
They can work perfect in any type of lawn size from small to large lawns. With sprinkler controllers for a maximum of 24 stations available you can irrigate large lawns.
Lawn Sprinklers incorporate your water supply to suit the needs of your lawns. Due to automated control of Lawn Sprinkler system, you can set it to water on certain days as per the water availability.
Adjustable flow rates feature makes them a uniform water supply system.

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya

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