9 Factors to Consider When Choosing Greenhouse Sizes

Choosing Greenhouse Sizes

There are various greenhouse sizes for common types available where you can choose to enhance propagation of your high value crops.
Before you start choosing greenhouse sizes, you need to understand the basic things to consider for a suitable one. With good information, you are sure of getting the structure that will prevail for a long time while providing higher returns.

Available Greenhouse Sizes

We install greenhouses of different sizes from as low as 8 x 15 m to large custom sizes that a farmer may need.
Be it metallic or wooden greenhouses, we have technical skills to construct strong smaller to large greenhouses in Kenya.

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What do we Use to Construct our Greenhouses?

We combine galvanized or painted steel profiles to erect a modern structure of greenhouses on flat areas. Timber or wooden poles can also be applicable as strong materials for support in a greenhouse.
Plastic polythene covers are the primary greenhouse material for the outer surface of the structure. The material has good light penetration rate due to its transparent and thickness level of 200 microns. The polythene material resists maximum UV radiation levels as it is treated with UV resistance feature.

Average Profitability of Greenhouses

The level of returns or annual income from a greenhouse production depends on the type of crop and size of a greenhouse. Some crops have a higher rate of production than others and has a significant increase with increase in greenhouse size.

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Choosing Greenhouse Sizes

What to Consider when Choosing a Greenhouse Size

Where to build your Greenhouse

The location of a greenhouse structure is a crucial factor to think about because you cannot just place it anywhere. The area should have good drainage or well-drained soil to ensure proper plant growth. Also choose a flat area for the stability of your greenhouse.

Orientation or Design of the greenhouse

Choose the appropriate greenhouse structure that will align with the direction of wind flow. The orientation will ensure that the longer part does not face the wind to prevent damage.

Number of Crops

What you are planning to grow can help you determine the size you for estimated number of plants you are planning to grow. For instance, our smaller greenhouse size, 8 x 15 can accommodate approximately 500 tomato plants.
This number can vary from one crop to another since different crops require different spacing for maximum production.


The size of ventilation determines the size of the greenhouse structure to choose. Again, crops have different temperature requirements thus variation in the size of ventilation. You can decide to choose vented or tunnel types.

Size of the Land

What is the size of the space you intend to set up your greenhouse? Take accurate measurements of the area and identify a suitable size of greenhouse. Having trouble calculating the size of your land? We are here to help you find a suitable greenhouse size.
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Projected Budget

You might be a starter in greenhouse farming and have no idea on the range of cost to set up certain greenhouse sizes. However, you always have a rough budget that you want to invest in greenhouse structure. The good thing is that we always have a good choice of size for all categories of farmers.


When choosing a greenhouse size, the core factor to consider is the stability of the structure once it is set up. All available dimensions are normally stable on all soil types as per the projects we have done. The concern is for big custom sizes of greenhouses that you may need.

Water Availability

Before deciding on a certain greenhouse size, determine whether your water supply is enough to water all the crops. Avoid big sizes which may require more water supply than the available volume.

Maintenance and Management

It is wise to go for a greenhouse size that you can always monitor and attend to. Whether you have labour to assist or not, the management depends on the size of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Prices in Kenya

The cost of greenhouses in Kenya depends on the construction materials and overall size of the greenhouse. Wooden greenhouses cost less than metallic greenhouses.

Aqua Hub Kenya guarantees quality greenhouse construction for all the standard and custom sizes at fairly affordable rates. We welcome you to try greenhouse farming with our future sustainable structures.

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