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Greenhouse Cost in Kenya

greenhouse Cost

A Greenhouse is a housing structure which allows temperatures control to an optimum condition which is suitable for robust growth of crops. Greenhouse cost is low and affordable at Aqua Hub Kenya.
It can be made of wooden or metallic structures covered by UV treated polythene cover or glass material.

Purpose of a Greenhouse (Reason you need a Greenhouse)

Greenhouses are among the sustainable modern farming solutions to poor traditional farming methods. A greenhouse structure enhances utilization of small pieces of land to allow for maximum crop production.

Greenhouse Farming in Kenya

Greenhouse farming is the propagation of crops inside a controlled greenhouse environment. With modern practices, you can cut down the greenhouse costs of production such as water, inputs, and pesticides. Greenhouse farming offers the ability to control climatic conditions around your crops as well as protection against diseases and pests. It is also easier to manage inputs, water supply and adequate fertilizer supply to your crops.
Urban areas with small land sections have adopted greenhouse farming and is now a trend in Kenya. Starting greenhouse farming can be a bit costly but the production doubles the cost of starting and production. If you are a beginner to greenhouse farming, don’t worry you can start with a small size that falls within your budget.

Greenhouses in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the best greenhouse construction company in Kenya. We have skilled technicians and sales personnel who can guide you on requirements, greenhouse costs, and guide of a good structure.
Our greenhouse prices and construction charges are often customer friendly based on the size of the structure at need.
Greenhouses in Kenya supports growing of various crops such as tomato, capsicum, flowers, strawberries, seedlings.
Greenhouses also support hydroponics or soilless farming thereby providing easier growing in areas with less fertile or poor soil structure.
Hydroponics can enhance use of cocopeat or coco noir as the growing medium on behalf of soil. Coco peat has excellent water holding properties and nutrient retention.

How does a Greenhouse Work?

A greenhouse maintains optimal climatic conditions for plant growth through the principle of thermal radiation and convection.
Greenhouse structure allows penetration of requirements for growth such as sunlight, air and water.
The greenhouse polythene material allows sunlight rays to penetrate and traps heat inside the structure. The insect net ventilation allows air exchange in the greenhouse structure. Cool air enters while hot air exits thus maintaining an optimum hot temperature.

How to Construct a Greenhouse in Kenya

To make a complete and effective greenhouse structure, you need to first to choose a greenhouse size that suits your farm. We have a wide range of sizes to choose from can be wooden or metallic: 8
The next step is to conduct a site visit to check whether your intended area of greenhouse setup is suitable. It should be flat, well drained, less windy, and clear of buildings, trees, and rocks.

Once we have inspected the area, you can consider paying greenhouse cost as per size you choose.
You then proceed to procure all the requirements needed. Requirements may be different depending on the greenhouse type. Wooden greenhouses require timber, UV treated polythene cover, nails, wires, insect nets, cement and ballast and nails.
Metallic greenhouses require: Galvanized or painted steel profiles & bars, UV treated polythene cover, insect nets, wiggle wires & wire locks, cement & ballast, and bolt & Screws.

Once you have all the necessary materials, we can proceed to set up your greenhouse. Always Purchase all these materials from Aqua Hub Kenya for affordable prices and enjoy a wonderful customer service.
The last step is the construction and installation process itself.

Greenhouse Installation & Costs in Kenya

To install a greenhouse, the first step is to prepare the land by clearing the area, digging, and making beds.
The next step is to take measurement of the required dimensions of the greenhouse size you want.
Dig holes 1 m apart and 30 ft deep for erecting greenhouse poles or profiles.
Join greenhouse profiles using screws and bolts. For a wooden structure fix wooden poles to the posts using nails.
Attach a polythene cover to the structure using wires and locks.’
Fit insect nets on the walls or roof ventilations.
Fix the doors.
Install drip kits and support structures.

Greenhouse Cost Price in Kenya

How much is the Cost of Constructing a Greenhouse in Kenya?
The cost of building a greenhouse varies according to the size of the structure you need. Greenhouse cost can range from Kes 130,000 for a small size to 1,000,000 for a bigger size.

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