Greenhouse in Kenya

How much does it cost to put up a greenhouse in Kenya?

cost of setting up greenhouse in kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

The cost of a greenhouse in Kenya is an issue with no clear solution. Neither is the cost of building a greenhouse in Kenya. However, various industry participants may respond differently. This is one of the newest agricultural and economic trends.cost of constructing a greenhouse in Kenya is discussed below;

  • Firstly,this is not a venture without its share of difficulties. Costing is one of several issues. With high return on investment expectations, greenhouse growers may spend more per meter square than what is truly valuable.
  • This is also a regular occurrence among first-time green house growers in Kenya.
  • Let us now consider the estimated cost of greenhouse development in Kenya.
  • A wooden greenhouse costs between Ksh. 165,000 and Ksh. 390,000, but steel, metallic, and polycarbonate greenhouses range between Ksh. 240,000 and Ksh. 700,000, depending on size and construction quality.

What is the cost of greenhouse in Kenya?

  • How much does a greenhouse cost? This is a question that many farmers have raised.
  • The size of the green house is the most important aspect in determining its price. Therefore, you should consider the size that suits your budget.
  • A green house comes in various sizes. The lower the size, the less expensive the greenhouse. Another consideration is the material used to build the greenhouse.
  • We have wooden and steel greenhouses for materials.
  • Wooden greenhouses are less expensive than metal green houses.
  • Besides the obvious costs of this building project, some other features are necessary for a successful green house installation, which may increase the overall cost of the project.
  • These may include items i.e.ventilation system, irrigation system, and other components.

What is the cost of wooden greenhouse in Kenya?

In Kenya, comparing a wooden green house to a galvanized construction lowers the farmer’s investment expenses. Farmers in Kenya now have the option of creating green houses out of locally accessible materials, thanks to Aqua Hub Kenya. Greenhouse prices in Kenya vary based on size. The price of a greenhouse in Kenya will also vary depending on its size and polythene cover. The price of a wooden greenhouse ranges between Ksh. 165,000 and Ksh. 390,000, depending on its size, even though other costs are available but not included here.

Greenhouse Size Estimated Crop Population Cost of Construction
 (8 × 15) Meters 450 – 500 KES. 165,000
 (8 × 24) Meters 700-800 KES.180,000
 (8 × 30) Meters 1,000-1,200 KES.240,000
 (8 × 45) Meters 1,500 – 2,000 KES.390,000

Cost of setting up metallic greenhouse in kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

What is the cost of metallic greenhouse in Kenya?

  • Steel green houses from Aqua Hub are made to order and built as soon as possible to meet the demands of farmers.
  • Our steel green houses are built of durable, cheap galvanized steel.
  • Aqua Hub Kenya professionals create one-of-a-kind constructions that are guaranteed to be stable.
  • Metallic Green house Prices in Kenya differ widely.
  • Metallic green houses cost between Ksh. 240,000 and Ksh. 700,000, depending on size and construction quality.our cost of building a greenhouse in kenya is affordable
Green house Size Estimated Crop Population Cost of Construction
 ( 8 × 15 ) Meters 450 – 500 KES. 240,000
 ( 8 × 24 ) Meters 700-800 KES. 270,000
 ( 8 × 30) Meters 1000-1200 KES. 365,000
 (16x 30) Meters 1500 – 2000 KES. 700,000

The green house sector has changed faster in recent years, unlike ancient days when farming practices remained constant for a while. This surely results due to the advancement in research and training in the farming as well as agribusiness sector. Though the current green house farming costs may seem a bit high to some farmers, government, and funding agencies can provide loans to determined farmers.

Green house tips 

The technology of crop planting inside green houses besides saving space can enhance a lot of efficiency, and utilization. They are less expensive and easier than previously. Green houses are a great alternative for growing plants and vegetables because they have a controlled atmosphere.cost of constructing a greenhouse in Kenya

A business strategy on ideas and allocation by the farmer is therefore required before the decision to start green house farming. Proper understanding of organic farming methods and hydroponic systems, whether green house farming or not, is very important. 

For instructions and planning, call Aqua Hub at 0790719020. Visit the Aqua Hub Kenya website. All green house and irrigation systems in Nairobi and Eldoret, Kenya. We provide highly competitive pricing and high-quality items.