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Price of wooden greenhouse in Kenya

Price for wooden greenhouse

The price of Wooden greenhouses in Kenya varies immensely depending on the sizes of the greenhouse you require. However, some factors such as cost of polythene films, cost of treated lumber and design of the greenhouse affects the price of a wooden greenhouse.
Polythene papers and other construction materials constitute the cost depending on the amounts or pieces required. Similarly, wooden frames and poles will add up to the cost per the requirement.

Wooden Greenhouse Construction Requirements

Price for wooden greenhouse

Polythene UV stabilized film

  • 200 microns thick polythene which is protected from UV radiation.
  • The UV stabilized film is lasts longer for a period of more than 10 years.

It is good to stretch the plastic film during installation to ensure that it does not remain lose for protection against damage during windy days.

Fastening Nails

For fastening the treated lumber erected vertically to the horizontal runners and roofing poles. Can be 2, 3, and 4 inch iron or aluminium nails.


They are meant to collect and pour water that could possibly stagnate on the roofing polythene film.

Treated Wooden Poles

They make up the entire structure of the greenhouse. The required pieces are:

  • Vertical poles or wooden stanchions approx 6ft height and 3 cm width
  • Wooden timber poles or bamboo sticks for roofing.
  • Frames for wall support
  • Thin frames for crop support approx 2

Conditions for a Stable Wooden Greenhouse

Wooden greenhouses should meet the following.

  •  A good water storage tank or source
  • Presence of Suitable irrigation system
  • Well-ventilated structures
  • Gutters to collect water for irrigation.
  • Wind resistant films and nets
  • Treated and strong poles.

Features of Wooden Green houses

  • In regions or places where night temperatures fall below the optimum temperature, the vents should be efficient to be open during the day and closed during the night.
  • The stanchions in wooden greenhouses are typically made of wooden poles or timber. However, in some cases, a steel tube holds wooden frames together on the horizontal framework that lies on top of wooden stanchions.
  • Closable/ rolling up ventilation can be built in such places. This type of ventilation has a polythene film and a mesh of insect net or shade net material on the inside.
  • The ventilation needs to be reinforced with a good insect net or shade net material to prevent insects from damaging plants when the ventilation is opened.

Wooden Greenhouse designs

Single Span Wooden Greenhouses

Pointed arch Wooden Greenhouses

Have a pointed or V-shaped roof made of wooden poles. The structure is suitable for long multi-span greenhouses over 50 m. Water flows efficiently and does not lag or find a way inside the greenhouse.

Price for wooden greenhouse

Flat top Wooden Greenhouses

The roof is flat. This structure requires more wooden materials on the roof to prevent water from lagging or damaging the polythene film during rainy seasons.
The roof should also slant slightly so that it can enhance efficient drainage.

Multi-span greenhouses

These are greenhouses that cover a large area with a continuous structure. This lowers the cost of construction materials, utilize land and enhance balanced aeration and sunlight reaching plants.

Constructing greenhouses as individual structures in a pattern or same place will take a lot of wall materials or shade nets. The cost of such materials is reducible by constructing continuous structures.

Multi-span Greenhouses Structure

  • Many pillars on the inner part of the structure to support the roofing materials.
  • Gutters are required in between the roofs or ridges of the structure to drain water during rains.
  • The wall parts or roofs are large ventilators, with insect netting on the sides.
  • Roof ventilation is suitable for multi-span green houses.

Price of Wooden Greenhouse in Kenya

On overall, costs of construction materials, prices of wooden green houses in Kenya will differ in accordance with size.
Aqua Hub Kenya, charges various costs on common green house sizes. The prices and sizes are available below.

Greenhouse Dimension (meters) Price (KSH)
8mx15m KES. 165,000
8mx24m KES. 180,000
8mx30m KES. 240,000
16mx30m KES. 360,000

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