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Top Supplier of Greenhouse in Kenya : Cost and Construction Guide of Greenhouse

greenhouse in Kenya

Whereas many dealers and suppliers of Greenhouse Construction in Kenya have emerged, few Companies can deliver all your needs in an effective modern structure of a greenhouse. Aqua Hub distributes and constructs affordable greenhouses in Kenya |affordable greenhouses for sale in Kenya. Cost of a Greenhouse in Kenya can vary with type and size.

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Here at Aqua Hub Kenya, we embrace quality in construction, efficiency in production and timely.
 Completion of projects. We pride ourselves as the best greenhouse construction and supply company in Kenya, with over 1000 projects successfully completed over the past two years.
Once you entrust us with your greenhouse project, we will help you meet your goals of quality and increased productivity by gifting you a quality greenhouse worth your price.
We go extra hand in offering advice on the position that you can set your greenhouse and which profitable crops you can grow. We enhance this by sending our technicians to the site to inspect whether your place is good for construction of affordable greenhouse for sale in Kenya. Join our happy Customer base and experience efficiency and sustainability that comes from our priceless greenhouse designs.
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How to Know if your Site is Suitable for Greenhouse Construction

An area is good for greenhouse construction if it satisfies the conditions.
  • Flat land with good terrain.
  • Good drainage of the soil. Avoid water logging areas.
  • Soil PH – should range between 5.0 – 7.0.
  • Less windy area or protected place
  • Free from trees
  • Clear area with no rocks and vegetation

How to Make an Area Suitable for Greenhouse Construction

  1. Dig the area and make the ground level. You can use excavators or human labor.
  2. Clear the area and vegetation.
  3. Remove rocks available.
  4. Build or erect walls to prevent wind from damaging greenhouse polythene.
  5. Cut down tall trees to allow sunlight to reach.
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greenhouse in Kenya

What Materials are needed for Greenhouse Construction in Kenya?

We provide the following materials that are necessary for greenhouse construction to clients who pay as per our terms of purchase and installation.
Wooden Greenhouse Metallic Greenhouse
Wooden poles Galvanized / Painted / Non galvanized steel profiles
UV treated polythene cover UV treated Polythene Cover
Insect nets Insect nets
Wiggle Wires Wires or nails
Bolts and Screws Nails
Drip Kit Drip Kit
Timber Steel bars / profiles
Plant support structures Support structures
Our greenhouse for sale in Kenya |greenhouse materials often fall within the range of your budget whether you are a small scale or commercial grower.
We have greenhouse in Kenya of sizes that suite every cost bracket while still enhancing high profitability in the long run.
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Our Greenhouse Types and Designs

Wooden Greenhouses

  • Made of simple wooden structures
  • Wooden poles joined together by nails.
  • Polythene cover attached with wiggle wires or nails.
  • Custom sizes available
  • Vented and V-shaped designs available.

Steel| Metallic Greenhouses

  • Made of galvanized steel metal profiles and bars
  • Fixed by bolts and screws. Polythene cover attached by wires and wire locks
  •  Sizes available starts from 8 x 15 m, 8 x 24m, 8 x 30m, 16 x 24m and 16 x 30m
  • Tunnel and Vented Designs available

greenhouse in Kenya

What is the Cost of Constructing a Greenhouse in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya : 0790719020

The cost of handling your greenhouse project will vary  between KES. 165,000 and  KES.1,000, 000 depending on factors such as greenhouse size, greenhouse type, crops to grow and number of greenhouses.
Cost can range considerably by size in either wooden or metallic greenhouse, look at the table below.
The number of greenhouse structures also matters you can always consult for more information. 0790719020.
Crops also determine the cost of a greenhouse because some crops require support stands while others do not.
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Size (Meters) Design Cost (KES)
8 x 15 Dome 165,000
Vented 185,000
8 x 24 Dome 240,000
Vented 270,000
8 x 30 Dome 315,000
Vented 340,000
16 x 30 Dome 600,000
Vented 650,000
24 x 30 Dome 800,000
Vented 850,000

How to Choose Suitable & Affordable Greenhouses in Kenya

The decision to settle on a certain type and size of greenhouse requires good insight on the cost, number of crops it can accommodate, profitability and durability. The specifications of the greenhouse you choose should meet your goals of productivity, crop spacing, ventilation and temperature control.
Conduct research or consult us for help on choosing the suitable area of greenhouse construction, suitable materials, perfect design for your crops and size.
We offer free advice and give leads to best agronomists, fertilizer and seedling suppliers to our customers who engage us for greenhouse materials and construction.
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