Greenhouse in Kenya

Wooden Greenhouse Price in Kenya

Wooden Greenhouse Price in Kenya

Wooden greenhouse price in Kenya ranges from Ksh 165,000 for size 8 by 15 Meters and Ksh 390,000 for size 8 by 45 Meters. The cost of a wooden greenhouse in Kenya varies according to its size. They are the ideal option for farmers with limited resources. Wood and poles that are readily accessible locally are applicable to build inexpensive wooden greenhouses. They are more affordable than metal greenhouses.

What is wooden greenhouse in Kenya?

Wooden greenhouses feature an A-frame structure with a top vent and whose construction is from round poles or timber. They have wall passages and are nailed together to resist winds of up to 120 km/h. After that, the frame is covered with UV-treated polythene and fastened with nails. Comparing a wooden greenhouse to a galvanized structure reduces the farmer’s investment costs in Kenya. Farmers in Kenya have the option of building greenhouses out of readily available materials thanks to Aqua Hub Kenya.

Wooden greenhouses are the best option for farmers on a small budget. Affordable wooden greenhouses are constructed using locally available wood and poles. Compared to metal greenhouses, they are less costly. Wood used to build wooden greenhouses is sturdy, high-quality, and ethically sourced.

What is wooden greenhouse price in Kenya?

Wooden greenhouses can range in price from Ksh. 165,000 to Ksh. 390,000, depending on their size and quality. In Kenya, a farmer will save money by using a wooden greenhouse as compared to a galvanized one. Farmers have the option of constructing greenhouses in Kenya utilizing resources that are easily accessible locally thanks to Aqua Hub Kenya. A greenhouse’s price in Kenya varies depending on its size. The cost of a greenhouse in Kenya will also vary depending on its size and polythene cover.

Greenhouse Size Estimated Crop Population Cost of Construction
 ( 8 x 15 ) Meters 450- 500 165,000
 ( 8 x 24 ) Meters 700-800 180,000
 ( 8 x 30) Meters 1000-1200 240,000
 (8 x 45) Meters 1500- 2000 390,000

What is the profitability of greenhouse farming in Kenya?

Greenhouse farming is one of the successful businesses in Kenya. The use of greenhouse farming has considerably enhanced crop productivity in Kenya. Most farmers in Kenya cultivate popular greenhouse vegetables on a small-scale in greenhouses. Crops might be raised in Kenya in a greenhouse to make money easily. It is simpler to adopt sound agronomic practices while growing plants in a greenhouse, and the cost of production is reduced. In Kenya, greenhouses are usually applicable for the cultivation of crops such tomatoes, onions, and capsicums. Almost all sorts of crops can be grown more profitably indoors than they can outside.

The most lucrative greenhouse crops are indeterminate hybrids of tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, coriander, sweet melon, saffrons, strawberries, and Karella. Most of the farmers in Kenya who cultivate horticultural crops like tomatoes, onions, and capsicum have been successful in making their companies instant billionaires. A kilo of fresh tomatoes now costs between Ksh. 100 and Ksh. 200, whereas a single tomato plant may generate between 16 and 20 kg. As a result, the crop may earn about Ksh 4,000 per square meter. In light of this, a normal greenhouse may earn about Ksh 500,000 from a single crop.

What is the treatment and durability of a wooden greenhouse?

Wooden greenhouse poles and supports are usually treated with termiticide and coated in polythene to ward off termites and water damage brought on by rotting wood. A properly oriented, well-built wooden greenhouse can last three to four years with just minor wall and roof repairs.