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Greenhouses in Kenya : Construction Costs and Maintenance

Greenhouse in Kenya : Construction Costs and Maintenance

The cost of constructing a greenhouse in Kenya (greenhouse prices in Kenya) ranges from KES 99,000 to KES 350,000 depending on the size, materials used, labor and design of the greenhouse structure. Aqua Hub Kenya offers help concerning greenhouse farming in Kenya, Greenhouse for sale in Kenya | affordable greenhouse prices in Kenya.

Types of Greenhouses in Kenya and Prices

Greenhouses can be categorized as per construction materials or design of the structure.

Construction Materials

  1. Metallic Green house
    Composed of galvanized steel metal structure that holds the green house polythene cover entirely all over the structure. Metallic greenhouses are made by fabricating steel profiles to form a metal tube that join as a structure.
    Metallic Greenhouses are strong and durable; they can last for a very long time compared to wooden greenhouses.
  2. Wooden Greenhouse
    They are made of wooden greenhouse poles and frames attached together using nails. A polythene cover then covers the structure. They are considered cheaper than metallic greenhouses obviously because wooden materials are easily available at cheaper prices.

Greenhouse in Kenya : Construction Costs and Maintenance


  1. Tunnel
    Tunnel greenhouses have a hollow or dome shaped structure and spherical roof covered with polythene paper. There is minimum ventilation available on side walls or top near roofs.
  2. Vented
    Vent greenhouses have a design like tunnel greenhouses but have extensive bigger ventilation on the roof tops. It is meant for hotter regions or crops that require cooler environments for growth.

Greenhouse Prices in Kenya

Type of Greenhouse Size in Square meters Cost in (KES.

 Wooden Greenhouse



8  x 15 KES. 165,000
8  x 24 KES. 180,000
8 x 30 KES. 240,000
16  x 30 KES. 360,000
8  x 15 KES. 200,000




Metallic Greenhouse



 8 x 24 KES. 270,000
8 x 30 KES. 340,000
16  x 30 KES. 650,00

Greenhouse Materials in Kenya

These are the necessary materials for setting up and constructing a greenhouse structure. The common items include:

  1. UV treated Polythene cover.
  2. Galvanized steel profiles.
  3. Steel tubes
  4. Wooden Poles or frames.
  5. Nails or Bolts and nuts
  6. Insect net or shade net
  7. Wires

Labor expenses in Construction : Affordable Greenhouses in Kenya

Labor is required in supplying and loading or offloading Greenhouse materials during construction at the site.
During installation, you also need labor force to erect poles to the ground, actual joining of steel profiles and attaching the greenhouse polythene cover to the structure.
The cost of the labor force who conducts this work goes to the client and can paid on negotiable terms. We always provide technicians but should not look for casual laborers to help our technicians.

Greenhouse Drip Kit

A greenhouse drip irrigation kits is a component for supplying water to crops grown in a greenhouse. Drip irrigation is the best method to use in greenhouses since it saves water and enhances better supply of moisture and nutrients to crops.
Another benefit is space saving. Greenhouses have limited space and drip kits cover less space and can be convenient to use.
Greenhouse drip kit consist of.

  • Drip lines
  • HDPE Mainline and sub-Mainline pipes.
  • Water Irrigation Filters
  • Drip Connectors
  • Ball Valves
  • Start Connectors
  • End Caps
  • Saddle Clamps


Reliable Suppliers of Greenhouses in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is a reliable and reputable  supplier of greenhouse for sale in Kenya and affordable greenhouses in Kenya.
We have installed and supplied greenhouses to over 1000 clients all over the country in the last 5 years.
Our expertise is all you need for an effective and durable greenhouse structure for wonderful seasons of productivity.

Greenhouse Farming in Kenya; Cost-effective Strategies and Tips

Practicing Greenhouse farming in Kenya is a bit expensive and coupled with a lot of challenges. However, the profits are worthy of trying greenhouse farming in Kenya. How profitable is greenhouse farming in Kenya?
We normally convince farmers to adopt Affordable Greenhouses in Kenya as they can accrue more income from their yield compared to other traditional methods.
The challenges of Greenhouse farming are the expense and maintenance costs daily. You can adopt better strategies to lower costs such as water, pesticide, and disease control.

Possible strategies include.

  1.  Reducing labor requirements by adopting methods such as drip Irrigation systems.
  2. Applying mulching paper to reduce water loss from the soil.
  3. Installing timers to lower water loss
  4. Use of ventilation nets such as insect and shade nets to reduce heat and crop wilting.
  5. Installing gutters to collect rainwater with the aim of using it for Irrigation.
  6. Reduction of pesticide use for proper soil conservation.

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