Greenhouse for Sale in Kenya

Greenhouse for sale in Kenya

Greenhouses offer smart, effective and less constraint efforts to improve quality and agility in general crop growth and production. Aqua Hub Kenya offers a cheap greenhouse for sale and options for small scale and entry level farmers in Kenya. Greenhouses prices in Kenya are the best at Aqua Hub.

The cost of affordable greenhouse in Kenya relatively lower and enough to get you a long permanent and strong greenhouse structure.

Greenhouses for sale types in Kenya

  1. Tunnel
    Tunnel Greenhouses have a tunnel or dome shape. The structure is made of dome-shaped aluminum or steel profiles which hold the greenhouse cover. Tunnel shaped greenhouses have ventilation on the top or wall sides.
  2. Vent
    Vent greenhouses are those with extensive ventilation design on the roof tops. The structure resembles tunnel greenhouses, but the roof is extended to allow better aeration.

Greenhouse Materials for sale in Kenya

Materials set for building greenhouses in Kenya are shown below.

  • Steel Greenhouse profiles
  • Screws and bolts
  • Wooden poles
  • Wooden frames
  • Gutters
  • Wiggle Wires
  • Insect Nets
  • Greenhouse Polythene cover
  • Nails
  • Steel tubes or Channel wire locks

We supply all these materials at affordable prices to our clients all over Kenya.

Cost of a greenhouse in Kenya| Greenhouse Prices in Kenya

Greenhouse price in Kenya are:

Wooden Greenhouse for sale 

  • 8 × 15 m ⇒ KES 165,000
  • 8 × 24 m ⇒ KES 180,000
  • 8 × 30 m ⇒ KES 240,000
  • 16 × 30 m ⇒ KES 360,000

Metallic Greenhouse for sale 

  • 8 × 24 m ⇒  KES 270,000
  • 8 × 30 m ⇒ KES 340,000
  • 16 × 30 m ⇒ KES 650,000

Choosing and Building Your Ideal Greenhouses

There are several Greenhouse sizes, types, size of the project and design structures to choose from. The factors to consider for choosing our greenhouse for sale are many;  let’s delve into basic reasons.

  • Size – We construct various sizes including 8 x 15 m, 8 x 24 m, 8 x 30m, 16 x 24 and 16 x 40 m. We also deal with custom sizes provided we find them to be stable.
  • Types – You can choose from wooden or metallic Greenhouse for sale. The matters of concern here normally stem from the cost of materials. Wooden greenhouses are way cheaper and easier to construct. Metallic Greenhouses are more expensive depending on size, but they are stronger and more durable.
  • Design – The design you choose to go with depends on the crops you are growing and landscape or area. The wind direction, ventilation size and temperature of the area decides whether you need a vent or tunnel greenhouses. For very hot areas, you require a vent greenhouse to enhance aeration.
  • Size of the Project – The extent or size of your greenhouse farming dictates the size and number of greenhouses to construct. For a big farm you will need several greenhouses (multi-span greenhouses) to enhance efficiency and cost reduction. A small space requires a single greenhouse structure.

Setting Up your Greenhouse Step-by-step

Setting up your Greenhouse is a simple process but requires a lot of caution and preparation before you embark on the actual building.
The process of constructing a greenhouse begins the moment you have acquired all the necessary resources you need.

Guided Approach for a Proper Greenhouse Setup

Choose a Proper Location

A proper location means a good place which can enhance proper functioning of a greenhouse for a long time without damage. A good place should be a flat area with a good drainage and wind direction. Clear all thick vegetation that could hinder the construction of a good building.

Measure the Area for the Desired Size of the Greenhouse

The desired size of the Greenhouse must be known for proper planning and estimation of the required budget.
You need to measure the size of the actual area you are planning to start with to get the exact size of the polythene cover.

Assemble the necessary Materials (components of a Greenhouse for Sale)

Once you have a good area set aside for Greenhouse construction, you need to acquire Greenhouse construction materials. Get quality materials from our shop, Aqua Hub Kenya.

includes profiles & wires , driplines for sale, greenhouse polythene and propagation kits.

Levelize the ground

Make the ground level by digging and removing rocks and hilly parts. A flat ground is good for proper drainage and strength of your greenhouse structure.

Make Holes for Erecting Poles

Make holes a15-30 cm deep and 15 cm wide for fitting wooden poles or galvanized steel tubes.
Attach Metal Frames or Wooden Poles to the greenhouse poles  – For a metallic greenhouses in Kenya by Aqua Hub, you must fit metal frames to the steel tubes using nuts and screws. On the other hand, for a wooden greenhouse you need to attach wooden structure using nails.

Fix the Polythene cover to the Greenhouse Structures

Fix the greenhouse polythene cover to the greenhouse structure once it has been properly attached together. The structure needs to be strong to hold the polythene cover and smoothed or enhanced to avoid damaging the polythene cover.

Attach the door and Ventilation.

Doors and ventilation spaces are included in the plan and measurement of the structure. A door should enhance movement in and out of the greenhouse.
A ventilation needs to be big and suitable for air exchange and temperature control in the greenhouse. Vents can be covered using insect nets or shade nets depending on the crops grown in the greenhouse.

Smart Tips for Greenhouse Management (Greenhouses in Kenya)

  • Establish a proper irrigation schedule for your greenhouse plants. A plan will depend on the crop water requirements.
  • Regularly checks for drip kit conditions and cleaning of water filters.
  • Crop supports are ideal for proper harvest.
  • Reducing excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Increasing ventilation to reduce the effect of greenhouse gases and plant suffocation. You can connect solar powered fans.
  • Solar-pumps to enhance water supply to greenhouse for lower costs.

Greenhouse for sale in Kenya are available at Aqua Hub for very affordable prices. We strictly supply quality greenhouse for sale and conduct proper installation.

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