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Greenhouse Repair Services in Kenya

Greenhouse Repair services

Greenhouse Repair Services in Kenya | Aqua Hub Kenya offers greenhouse maintenance and repair services at cheap costs. We always visit your farms to monitor the state of your greenhouse and recommend whether they need to be serviced.
Greenhouses covers can be torn or damaged with time when they become old or functional for a long period of time.
The cost of repairing a greenhouse is cheaper than the constructing a new greenhouse.

Greenhouse Repair Services in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

Greenhouse repair is the rebuilding and renovation of damaged greenhouses or greenhouses parts. Wooden greenhouses are the commonly repaired types of greenhouses since they are made of materials that get damaged within a short period of time.
Greenhouse Repair services

Causes of Greenhouse Damages

Poor maintenance is the main cause of greenhouse damages. Other causes of greenhouse damages are:

  • Strong winds which may break wooden poles or tear then polythene cover.
  • Sharp objects or careless piercings by children. Children should be kept away from the greenhouse.
  • Heavy rains or storms may cause wooden greenhouse poles to decay and break.
  • Use of Poor quality Greenhouse polythene covers.

How to repair greenhouses

Wooden Greenhouse Repair

Wooden Greenhouses need to be repaired frequently after a period of less than 3 years. The parts commonly prawn to damage in wooden greenhouses are wooden erected poles, roofing timber, polythene cover materials, nails, insect nets and twining materials. Wooden poles sometimes may break or tilt especially during the rainy or stormy season when the soil is not firm.
Wooden greenhouses can be fully or partially repaired depending on the level of damage at hand. Repair involves replacing old wooden poles, fixing new roofing frames, replacing torn insect nets, and repairing holes in torn greenhouse polythene.

Metallic Greenhouse Repair

Metallic greenhouses have very low chances of damage especially when well-constructed with the right materials. Damage in metallic greenhouses normally occurs on greenhouse polythene sheets, corroded wiggle wires, torn shade nets, gutters, and damaged irrigation pipes.
Replacing polythene material depends on the level of damage or holes on the greenhouse cover. Screws are the most critical parts for the stability of the metallic structure.

Greenhouse Repair services

Challenges of Greenhouse Farming

  • High rainfall or heavy storms. Heavy rains may wash away soil causing the structures to be unstable.
  • Strong winds can detach the polyethylene sheets.
  • Persistent pests and diseases
  • Poor farm management practices
  • Poor greenhouse design structures

Greenhouse Repair Services Cost

Greenhouse repairs will always depend on the state and condition of the greenhouse. For wooden greenhouse, the most repairable parts are the wooden frame structure.
For Steel greenhouses, the most repairable parts are the replacement of greenhouse polythene and the insect netting.

Item/ Description Cost per Square Meter
Greenhouse Polythene KES. 110/=
Insect net KES. 95/=
Shade nets KES. 95/=
Profile and wiggle wires KES. 550/=
Wooden Structure and Steel Structure Negotiable

For greenhouse repair and maintenance:
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