Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse Farming in Kenya : Know Greenhouse Construction Cost and Supplier


Greenhouse farming in Kenya is a type of farming where crops are grown under regulated and covered structures.

Wooden or Metallic Greenhouses ?

The choice of the type of greenhouse to be done is dependent on a number of factors;

  • Durability of the greenhouse
  • Greenhouse size
  • The design 
  • Type of crops to done in the greenhouse

Wooden green houses in Kenya are the most cheap and easy to maintain . Aqua Hub Kenya also offers metallic green house packages .

Greenhouse Crop Production in Kenya

Farmers in Kenya and East Africa are always with a question that is not difficult to answer:

Which is the most profitable crop in green house farming?

Tomatoes and capsicum are profitable in greenhouse farming. There are various crops that can be done under greenhouse for maximum profits. Greenhouse Tomato production is profitable . Take note of Tomato production cost per kg at Ksh.40/- compared to Tomato selling price per kg at Ksh.80/-.

  • Tomato plant in greenhouse : Greenhouse Tomato Farming In Kenya

Tomato green house farming does the best under the heat and favourable conditions provided by green house cover. They respond to high temperatures and farmers are ensured with maximum production.

Tomato production is key and farmers has a choice to make from the following varieties

  • Eva F1 Amiran Greenhouse
  • Steve F1 Continental seeds Greenhouse
  • Steve F1 Continental seeds Greenhouse
  • Tylka F1 Syngenta Greenhouse
  • Anna F1 Monsanto Greenhouse
  • Corazon F1 Amiran Greenhouse
  • Bravo F1 Royal seeds Greenhouse
  • Chonto F1 Royal seeds Greenhouse
  • Prostar F1 Simlaw seeds Greenhouse
    For tomato farming Guide, Call : 0790719020
  • Greenhouse Capsicum Farming in Kenya: How profitable is greenhouse capsicum Farming?

Greenhouse Capsicum farming is profitable. Take note capsicum price per kg which is at least ksh 100/- compared to capsicum  production cost of Ksh. 35/- . Greenhouse Capsicum Farming is competitive and very profitable in Kenya. From our research, the following varieties are widely done in Kenya :

  • Commandant F1
  • Admiral F1
  • Golden Sun
  • Red Knight

Irrigation System in Kenya 

Green house kits comes with one of the vital elements, that’s greenhouse drip kit. In most greenhouses we use drip irrigation, but for some we use mist irrigation system.

Green house Drip Kit : Irrigation system for greenhouses

Item  Application
Tank Connector Connect tank to the main system
Elbows For bends along the irrigation systems
Ball corks To control flow of water
Filter Irrigation water filters for desilting
HDPE Pipes Main Supply for the greenhouse 
Drip lines From the main pipes to the plants
Start Connectors Linking the drip lines to the main pipe

Greenhouse Best Farming Practices : Greenhouse Farming management 

Greenhouse farming is easy to maintain but needs dedication. Farmers needs to observe the following;

  • Water Availability throughout production period
  • Pest & Disease management
  • The choice of seeds for Planting
  • Regulation of temperatures

Mistakes that farmers make in green house farming

  • Less water and light
  • Poor temperature control measures
  • Inadequate measures ( Such as entry of foreign items and animals)
  • Poor soil nutrient used
  • Poor ventilation

Greenhouse Companies in Kenya

  • Aqua Hub Kenya (Greenhouse & Irrigation Systems)

We fabricate greenhouses for sale in Kenya

Best and Most Profitable Crops for greenhouse Farming

  • Tomatoes 
  • Capsicum
  • Chillies 
  • Peppers ( Also does well in Shade Houses )
  • Cucumbers
  • Straw Berries
  • Herbs

Soil Testing in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

Soil testing is the backbone of farming in Kenya. Farmers must do soil testing before engaging any farm practice. For more details and where to do soil testing, Call: 0790719020

Used Greenhouses For Sale In Kenya

Second hand greenhouses in Kenya can be found. Due to large network of farmers and vast area coverage, some farmers wish to resell their installed greenhouses due to the commitments such as travelling and other personal reasons . For more, Call : 0790719020

Greenhouse Technicians in Kenya

Greenhouse technicians in Kenya are available at Aqua Hub Kenya . We have experts in new installations and repair services . For a technician to do field visit and quotation call: 0790719020

Greenhouse Cost and Sizes in Kenya

Greenhouse cost and sizes in Kenya is explained and delivered by Aqua Hub Kenya . Our common sizes of greenhouses are as follows ;

Wooden Frame Greenhouses and Metallic Greenhouses 
  • 8 x 15 meters
  • 8 x 24 meters
  • 8 x 30 meters
  • 8 x 45 meters
  • 16 x 30 meters 

Automated Greenhouse Systems: Innovative idea by Aqua Hub, Kenya

Automated greenhouse systems is an idea by greenhouse experts from Aqua Hub, Kenya. This is to solve the problem of telephone farmers. Most farmers in the city finds it difficult to run their farms but good news from Aqua Hub KE. The system shall use;

  • Greenhouse timers
  • Solenoid Valves
  • I.O.T ( Special solutions that use modern coded mobile apps)

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