Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse Capsicum Farming

Greenhouse Capsicum farming is a good source of income for farmers. It is a very profitable business and there are many ways to start capsicum farming. Capsicum farming is a major industry in Kenya, and it provides employment for many people. It is also an important export market in Africa.

Greenhouse Construction by Aqua Hub Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best greenhouses for capsicum farming. Most farmers in Kenya are content with our structures, designs, and installation. We have ventured in the commercial construction of greenhouses, helping the farmers beat the market demands.

Coloured Capsicum in a Greenhouse, Kenya

How to start greenhouse Capsicum Farming

The key to success in capsicum farming lies in the right choice of seeds and the right technique for growing them. The seed germination process should be managed carefully so that they germinate at the right time. In order to grow capsicum, one needs to make sure that the soil has enough water. The soil should be rich in nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus. The ground should also have a high level of humidity. A greenhouse can be used for growing capsicum, which is grown indoors or outdoors depending on the season and climate conditions.

Greenhouse Capsicum Farming
Greenhouse Capsicum Farming

The most important thing to consider while growing capsicum is its nutritional value. In order to get maximum yield from crops, they need a lot of nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer, as well as good sunlight exposure so that they grow fast enough to produce maximum yields per area under cultivation. To ensure that the plants get enough sunlight exposure, it is important.

Is Capsicum farming profitable?

Capsicum farming is one of the most profitable crops. It has been cultivated in Kenya for over 100 years. The main reason for its popularity is the fact that it is very easy to grow and harvest, which makes it a good crop for many farmers.


Capsicum Farming in Kenya has increased rapidly over the last few years due to the growth of greenhouse agriculture. The demand for capsicum oil has also increased. This has led to an increase in the production and cultivation of capsicum in Kenya. In order to meet this demand, farmers have started producing more and more capsicum in greenhouses. This means that there are fewer fields available for growing other crops like maize or beans, which could be used as fodder for cattle or goats during the dry season when food supplies are low.