Greenhouse Tomato farming

Greenhouse Tomato Farming

Tomato greenhouse farming is a growing trend. It allows farmers to grow tomatoes in their homes. They can save time and energy by not having to transport the tomatoes from one location to another.

Greenhouse Tomato Farming

Greenhouse Tomato farming requirements

  • Greenhouse ( Any size) it can be { 8 x 15 m, 8 x 24 m, 8 x 30 m, 16 x30 m}
  • Tomato Drip irrigation Kit
  • Filtration Unit
  • Tomato seedlings (Depending on the choice of the farmer)
  • Pesticides & Insecticides
  • Spray & Management programme

The tomatoes produced by greenhouse farming have a better taste than those produced from traditional methods. This is because of the different growing conditions that produce better-tasting tomatoes, such as high temperature, humidity and low temperature

Greenhouse Tomato Farming
Greenhouse  with tomatoes
Farmers Harvesting day

Greenhouse farming is not an expensive affair. If you purchase a unit from Aqua Hub Kenya we give you a package thats sufficient and good for you.

Greenhouse Tomato Farming

Our package includes the following;

  • Tank & Suitable Tank stand
  • Tank connection
  • Effective filtration unit
  • Control systems according to the blocks in the farm
  • Main and sub-main piping systems
  • Drip Kit and it components
  • Farm management guide ( Free of charge)

Where are we located ?

Aqua Hub Kenya has two branch networks, that’s Nairobi & Eldoret.