Sprinkler Prices in Eldoret by Aqua Hub

Sprinkler Prices in Eldoret by Aqua Hub

Sprinkler prices in Eldoret by Aqua Hub varies according to the type and material of the sprinkler. We have a large selection of sprinklers. They are of various materials. Some are plastic, while others are metallic. The material is what causes the pricing discrepancies for sprinklers. These sprinklers come in a wide range of pressures, from low to high. Sprinklers are one of the irrigation devices that farmers in Eldoret value highly. This is why Aqua Hub offers the best sprinklers in the area at the most reasonable prices.

What are sprinklers?

Irrigation sprinklers (also water sprinklers or just sprinklers) are devices for watering agricultural crops, lawns, landscaping, golf courses, and other locations. They’re also helping to keep things cool and keep dust out of the air. Sprinkler irrigation is a technique for administering water in a regulated manner, much like rainfall. Pumps, valves, pipelines, and sprinklers the components to disperse the water.

Sprinkler Prices in Eldoret by Aqua Hub

The usage of Irrigation sprinklers are in a variety of settings, including residential, industrial, and agricultural. It’s beneficial on uneven ground where water is less, as well as on sandy soil. At regular intervals, the perpendicular pipes with revolving nozzles on top connects to the main pipeline. Water escapes from the revolving nozzles when it is pressures through the main pipe. It’s strewn throughout the crop. Water is routed to one or more central sites inside the field and dispersed by overhead high-pressure sprinklers or guns in sprinkler or overhead irrigation.

What is sprinkler irrigation?

Sprinkler irrigation is a type of irrigation water application that mimics natural rainfall. Pumping is what transfers water through a system of pipes. The water blasts into the air by sprinklers, breaking up into little water drops that fall to the ground. The pumping system, sprinklers, and operational conditions must all be engineered to ensure that water is applied uniformly.

Sprinkler irrigation is suitable for a wide range of row, field, and tree crops, and water can be sprayed over or under the crop canopy. Big sprinklers, on the other hand, waters fragile crops like lettuce since the large water drops created by the sprinklers may harm the crop.

It may be used on any farmable slope, whether it is flat or undulating. When feasible, the lateral pipes that deliver water to the sprinklers should be set out following the land contour. This will reduce pressure fluctuations at the sprinklers and provide consistent watering. Sprinklers are not recommended for soils that are prone to crusting. Light fine sprays should be utilized if sprinkler watering is the only option available. Avoid bigger sprinklers that produce larger water droplets at all costs.

Sprinkler Prices in Eldoret by Aqua Hub, the different types and specifications

Impact SprinklerMaterial: Plastic        
Inlet Size:1/2 inch DN15     
Flux:0.6-1.3 M3/H         
Spray radius:11-12.5 Meters     
Pressure:1.5-4 Bars  
Angle of Rotation:360°
Impact SprinklerMaterial: Plastic      
Inlet Size:3/4 inch DN20   
Flux:22.6-35.8 L/Min              
Spray radius:12-18 Meters    
Pressure:1.5-4 Bars                        
Angle of Rotation:360°
Impact Sprinkler 4 WayMaterial: Plastic  
Inlet Size:1inch DN25 
Flux:55-78 L/Min
Spray radius:13-19 Meters   
Pressure:3-5 Bars 
Angle of Rotation:360°
Impact Sprinkler BrassMaterial: Metal Alloy     
Inlet Size:1/2 inch DN15      
Flux:0.8-1.8 M3/H    
Spray radius:8-15 Meters 
Pressure:1.5-3 Bars   
Angle of Rotation:360°
Rain Gun 32 mmMaterial: Plastic
Inlet Size:1inch DN25
Flux:2.1-2.8 M3/H 
Spray radius:13-20 Meters
Pressure:3-5 Bars
Angle of Rotation:360° Angle can be controlled
Rain Gun Metal AlloyMaterial: Metal Alloy
Inlet Size:1inch DN25
Nozzle Dia:8 mm
Flux:20-60 L/Min
Spray radius:12-17 Meters 
Pressure:3-5 Bars
Angle of Rotation:360° Angle can be controlled
Rain GunInlet Size:1.5 inch DN40 
Nozzle Dia:10 mm 
Flux:62-310 L/Min
Spray radius:16-30 Meters
Pressure:3-5 Bars
Angle of Rotation:360° Angle can be controlled
Butterfly SprinklerMaterial: Plastic    
Inlet Size:1/2&3/4 inch DN15&DN20        
Flux:105-851 L/H  
Spray radius:3-5.5 Meters
Pressure:1-2 Bars
Angle of Rotation:360

These are just but a few of the many sprinklers at Aqua Hub. We have several types of sprinklers depending on your use. Contact us, and we will advise you on the type of sprinkler that is suitable for what you want to do. The advice we provide will depend on the type of land and the crop.