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Sprinkler Price in Kenya

Sprinkler price in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

Sprinkler Price in Kenya.

A system where water is applied to the surface, also in the form of mist or rainwater, is a type of irrigation system that farmers consider a rain gun irrigation system. A group of outdoor farmers would term it an overhead irrigation system, but in Kenya, this is known as a Sprinkler Irrigation System. 

  • Most of the crops using this method are those with hard steam and leafy structures, such as maize, coffee, tea, and pineapple. 
  • Sprinklers can be static and constant in terms of mobility because constructed permanently,and can be used for a fixed section, calculated in square meters.
  • The farmer pre-determines their irrigation needs. After that, they contact Aqua Hub irrigation for the design and installation of their permanent system.
  • Portable systems can be done in such a way that the pipes are just suspended and laid on the ground to allow mobility. The farmer can move the sprinklers from point A to point B depending on their irrigation needs.

Sprinklers in Kenya

  1. It spreads to large areas that would have cost much if another irrigation method was used, such as drip irrigation
  2. Volumes of water used can be controlled upon completion of the irrigation circle.
  3. The areas designated can be irrigated in an angular perspective, as the rain gun allows the setting of angles according to how the land is topographical.
  4. The carrying away of soil can be controlled because the sprinkler has nozzles that are responsible for even distribution of water.
  5. Fertigation can be done in a sprinkler system, the intake of fertilizers can be controlled. The farmer will know when to irrigate and when not to use rain gun irrigation systems.
  6. Rain Gun Irrigation is simple and easy to use 
  7. Sprinklers are simple and easy to install 
  8. They are easy to maintain because some of their parts are available locally and easy to fabricate

 Where can I buy Sprinklers for Sale in Nairobi?

Aqua Hub Kenya, Nairobi, and Eldoret are the one-stop-shop for sprinkler irrigation. Our range is from Rain guns, Impact sprinklers, Plastic sprinklers, Low-pressure sprinklers, Sprinklers for Lawn (Pop Up sprinklers)

How to install Sprinkler Irrigation System in Kenya

  1. Develop the Agricultural or Lawn need for the sprinkler system
  2. Contact Aqua Hub Kenya for site visits
  3. Conduct the design with the help of technicians from Aqua Hub, Kenya
  4. Conduct the connections from the main pipes using Saddle clamps or Female tee to the base stand of the sprinkler 
  5. Adjust the sprinkler stand to allow piping
  6. Make sure all the valves that control the flow have no leakages
  7. Launch your sprinkler systems
  8. Give feedback to Aqua Hub Kenya Limited 

Sprinkler Price in Kenya?

Sprinkler Type Spray Radius  Cost 
Sprinkler 3/4 “-Plastic 8–12 meters  Ksh. 500
Sprinkler 1″ – Brass 12–20 meters  Ksh.4,000 
Sprinkler 1.5″-Brass 20–28 meters  Ksh.7,000
Sprinkler 2″- Brass 28–36 meters  Ksh. 9,000 
What is the difference between Sprinkler Irrigation & Drip Irrigation Systems?


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Where to buy sprinklers for Sale in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has the following branches that sell the sprinklers at an affordable prices in Kenya

Branch  Contact No.
Nairobi 0790719020
Eldoret  0759372241

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