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Sprinklers for Sale in Kenya

Sprinklers for Sale in Kenya by Aqua Hub

What is a Sprinkler?

Sprinklers for Sale in Kenya |Sprinklers are equipment for supplying water in a rainfall-like manner to crops in fields or orchards.
For even distribution of water using sprinklers, a farm must have an effective system of pipes, pumps, and valves to regulate the water flow.

Sprinklers for sale in Kenya

What to consider when Purchasing Sprinklers

The Size of the field

The size of the land for irrigation determines the size and number of sprinklers you will need.
Type of Crops propagated.

The crop meant for sprinkler irrigation should be considered before purchasing sprinklers. Small and shallow root crops require lower pressure and small sprinklers.
Pressure Requirement

The pressure requirement for your farm will depend on the water source. Rain Guns requires the use of water pumps due to high pressure requirements. Butterfly sprinklers do not require high pressure hence gravitational dependent means such as tanks can be used.

Applications of Sprinklers

  • Sprinklers are used in domestic irrigation of lawns and orchards
  • Pop-up sprinklers are applied in lawns and fields.
  • Industrial use for spraying of metals, painting, and mixing chemicals.
  • Sprinklers are suitable for agricultural use in Irrigation of small and large crop farms.
Methods (ways) to Apply Sprinklers
  • Sprinklers can apply simple hose pipe connections to supply water to farms – The hose pipes can be shifted to different sections once the starting point is properly irrigated.
  • Fitting Sprinklers to each farm section is another appropriate method to irrigate fields using sprinklers.
  • For large farms overhead sprinklers are suitable. Overhead sprinklers are convenient but costly and requires large water volumes to irrigate a sizable piece of land.

FLANGE Rain Gun by Aqua Hub Kenya

How do Sprinklers work?

Pumps supply water in the required pressure, pipes deliver water to the laterals. The water flowing under pressure, once it enters the sprinkler, hits the rotary jets causing the sprinkler head to rotate and water forced out of the nozzle in sprays.

What is the ideal Spacing of Sprinklers?

For small farms sprinklers, equal distances of 15- 30 m apart is appropriate.

What determines the rate of water distribution using Sprinklers?

The rate of water distribution to the crop depends on the size of the sprinkler head and nozzle.
The spacing between the individual sprinklers and operating pressure also affects the distribution of water.

Where to buy Sprinklers for Sale in Kenya

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