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Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

Pop Up Sprinkler Prices in Kenya / Lawn Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya | Pop Up Sprinkler Prices in Kenya are affordable and range from Ksh. 2,000 to Ksh. 4,500 as the sizes increases. Garden or Lawn sprinkler system has been embraced in Kenya in Large scale. Modern and leafy suburbs like Kileleshwa,Runda,Ridgeways,Karen and other modern homes depends on pop up sprinklers for their lawns.

Pop Up Sprinkler Kits in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the leading Lawn Irrigation company in Kenya. We have various solutions for garden sprinkler systems in Kenya. Our Pop-up sprinkler installations are rated and among the best.

Lawn Irrigation systems and how they make your grass green in Kenya

There are some common components that must be included for your grass sprinkler system to be complete. These are the key procedures and items that you need to make your Lawn green and live in aesthetic environment.

  • Pop Up Sprinklers in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya
  • Lawn Sprinklers ( Pop Up Sprinklers)
  • Piping Networks all round your Lawn.
  • Fittings for various connections
  •  Control valve to regulate and allow on and off for Lawn irrigation
  • Water Pumps for pressure enhancements.

Automated Lawn Sprinkler Systems in Kenya

For the case of automated Lawn Irrigation systems in Kenya,Aqua Hub Kenya is still the leading and appropriate supplier. We have mastered the art and need the following for a complete automated grass /Compound irrigation system.

  • Booster Pump – Most systems uses pedrollo 1 HP.
  • Pop Up Sprinkler Timer – This comes depending on the stations that your lawn is divided into.
  • Solenoid Valve Systems – Act as control valves for opening and closing of the system
  • Electric Switches , Cabling & Accessories
  • Pressure control systems – Consists of pressure gauge and pressure tanks
  • Pump Encasement – Purposely for guarding the pump against soil and water

Automated Lawn Sprinklers by Aqua Hub Kenya

We make a complete system having the above components in place.

Types of pop up Sprinklers 

  1. Static pop up sprinklers
  2. Adjustable pop up sprinklers-Can be adjusted to angles at which irrigation is needed

Lawn Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

Lawn sprinkler prices in Kenya are Ksh. 2700 for 1/2 inch , Ksh. 3,600 for 3/4 Inch and Ksh. 4,500 for 1 Inch.

Where to buy Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya

Where to buy lawn sprinklers in Kenya is Aqua Hub Kenya Limited . We are affordable, and we offer the best quality in the market.

Other sprinklers for farm irrigation by Aqua Hub, Kenya

Sprinkler / Rain Gun  Price in KES
1 inch Plastic KES 5,000
1, 1/2 Inch Metallic KES 13,500
2″  Metallic KES 15,000
Flange KES 35,000

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