Water Sprinkler Irrigation

Water Sprinkler Irrigation

Water Sprinkler Irrigation is the best choice of system to use for irrigation in Kenya. The most suitable crops that use Sprinklers & Rain guns include the following; Coffee Farming in Kenya, Muguka Farming in Kenya, Maize Farming in Kenya, Fruit Farming, and Beans Farming among others. Aqua Hub Kenya has mastered the art of sprinkler irrigation in Kenya. We determine the pressure needed and the suitable sprinkler for an adequate supply of water to your farm.

Types of Water Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

  • Water Sprinklers for Lawn
  • Low-Pressure Water Sprinklers
  • High-Pressure Water Sprinklers

Water Sprinkler Irrigation for Lawn

Lawns are perfectly done by a series of sprinklers called pop-up sprinklers or grass sprinklers. Butterfly sprinklers would also apply in this chapter. Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best Pop Up sprinklers ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch (2.54 cm) at affordable prices.

Low-Pressure Water Sprinkler Irrigation

These are all other sprinklers that use gravity to disperse water to the farm or Lawn. It’s the most cost-efficient method since the farmer will not incur the cost of pumping. The common sprinklers, in this case, are plastic impact sprinklers. They are efficient and easy to use.

High-Pressure Water Sprinklers

Basically, these are Rain Guns. They use very high pressure and their emission in cubic metres is very high. It’s used in hard crops like coffee, tea, and fruits farm because its impact on the crop is considerably high and can harm loose crops like beans. However, it’s also the best method when the correct pressure is applied.

How to use Water Sprinklers

The choice of which sprinkler to use is easy. The type of crop under farming is important and the volumes of water in cubic metres.

  • Connect the lay-flat pipe to the main source of water
  • At the junction, determine the method to use to connect to the sprinkler stands. It can be Tee or Saddle clamps.
  • Connect the stand to the sprinkler and make sure it firm
  • If it’s high, a pressure rain gun connects the angles at which water is needed
  • Open your pump and test your irrigation system
Price of Water Sprinkler in Kenya
Sprinkler Type Size Cost
Pop-Up Sprinkler Lawn Sprinkler 20 mm 2,800
25 mm 3,500
Plastic Impact Sprinklers Impact Sprinklers 32 mm 2,500
Rain Guns Rain Gun50 mm 8,500
Rain Gun63 mm 11,000
Water Sprinkler Irrigation
Water Sprinkler Irrigation
Water Sprinkler Irrigation