Irrigation Equipment Supplier

Irrigation Equipment Supplier

Aqua Hub Kenya is the most reputable irrigation equipment supplier in all of Kenya. We are a significant player in the market of irrigation equipment suppliers in this country. We are able to provide you with every irrigating option that you might require. Likewise, we provide farmers throughout the country and the world solutions to their irrigation system problems.

What we offer

Drip kits, rain hose systems, rain gun sprinklers, impact sprinklers, and pop-up sprinklers are the different types of irrigation systems that we provide in Kenya. We offer a wide variety of irrigation equipment, both to supply and install. This varies depending on the type of crop, the topography, the amount of water that is accessible, the location, and the client’s budget.

Our extensive selection of accessories, equipment, and systems are suitable for use in agricultural settings, including greenhouses, lawns, and golf courses. Pipes for overhead irrigation systems, drip irrigation system components, and rain hose kits are all supported by our selection of irrigation pipes for sale. They offer a wide variety in each area to accommodate the requirements of various crops and growers.

Irrigation Equipment Supplier

Choosing the Right Irrigation System

In terms of plant growth, water is essential. However, when the weather in Kenya is so erratic, it’s difficult to maintain a steady supply of water. Drought has afflicted various parts of the country, and the rains aren’t as regular as they once were. Farmers have responded to this predicament by devising artificial means of watering plants. Thus you’ll need irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya who you can trust.

In order to ensure the country’s food security, a variety of irrigation techniques are available to meet the water needs of plants. The first irrigation system you see on the market isn’t necessarily the best. Irrigation equipment companies in Kenya offer a wide variety of products, but you must take into account a number of variables before making a final decision.

To guarantee that your plants get the water they need to thrive, you need the correct irrigation equipment. You don’t want to get an irrigation system that doesn’t supply the plants with the water they need. The alternative is that you’d have made a terrible buy. Various irrigation methods exist, so let’s have a look at some of them.

Types of irrigation systems

There are a variety of irrigation methods to select from, and each person’s farming demands dictate the method they use. You’re at the ideal place if you don’t know much about irrigation systems, because we’ll cover the most common ones. In order to receive a product that meets your requirements, you may want to speak with your selected Kenyan irrigation equipment suppliers in more detail. Here are some examples of the various options:

Drip irrigation systems

Kenyan farmers commonly use drip irrigation. The system’s water efficiency and low water bills have made it popular. This method has large upfront expenses, but it saves money over time. Farms with drip irrigation install rows of lines. Lines with emitters water plant roots. Slow-release emitters hydrate plants without overwatering the soil. Directly feeding water to the roots maximizes water usage. Aqua Hub Kenya sells several systems to irrigate farms in Kenyan regions with scarce water being the best irrigation equipment supplier. This is the water-efficient irrigation system.

Sprinkler irrigation systems

Sprinkler irrigation is another frequent irrigation system you can use to compensate for Kenya’s poor rains. Sprinklers are the antithesis of drip irrigation. This system water from above. Rotating sprinklers water your farm’s vegetation from above. Aqua Hub Kenya has many sprinkler irrigation systems. Despite functional differences, they all serve the same objective.

Overhead irrigation systems

The term “overhead irrigation” refers to the practice of employing machinery and tools that move water at a high rate of pressure through the air at a height that is above the level of the plant that is being watered. The most advanced equipment for overhead irrigation may be found at Aqua Hub.

Sprinkler Prices in Eldoret by Aqua Hub

Irrigation Equipment we offer

  • Drip kits. For the irrigation of both fruit trees and vegetables, as well as forestry. Drip tape, 16 mm HDPE pipe, starter connectors, off-takes, drip to drip connectors, button or online drippers, and end caps are all included in this.
  • Rain hose kits. A rain hose pipe, off-takes, connections, and an end cap are all included in it.
  • Sprinkler systems.
  • Pop up sprinklers. These are sub-surface sprinklers, and they can be used on lawns, golf courses, football fields, and even gardens.
  • Rain gun sprinklers. These are metal sprinklers with high pressure and high volume that can be used on any kind of crop.
  • Sprinklers that use impact. They are made of plastic and range in size from 0.5 to 1 inch.
  • Meganet sprinklers. These sprinklers are made of plastic and range in size from 0.5 to 1 inch.
  • Micro sprinklers. 1/2″ butterfly type sprinklers.

Are you looking for irrigation systems? Aqua Hub is the best irrigation equipment supplier in the country. Reach us through NAIROBI : 0790719020 | ELDORET : 0759372241