Dam Liners

How to Install Dam Liners

How to Install Dam Liners

How to Install Dam Liners by Aqua Hub Kenya.

How to Install Dam Liners is described in a vivid process. Read more from our information templates.


What is Dam Liner?

Dam liners also called polyethylene Geo-membrane are high a density black plastic paper used for lining fishponds, concrete tanks, water pans, and dams.

What are the features of Dam liners?

  • They are often available in black color.
  • Have a thickness of 0.5 mm,0.75 mm, and 1 mm.
  • UV treated, making them resistant to any high temperatures.

Which is the best Dam Liner in Kenya to use?

The determinants of what thickness to use are;

The type of surface on which you want to install. For instance, if the surface is smooth enough, or it’s a concrete tank, the best liner to use is 0.5 mm. If the surface is a bit rough, 0.75 mm is the ideal one. For the very hot and a bit rocky, 1 mm is the best.

How to Install Dam Liners

Regularly the width of the liner is 8 meters and in case your dam exceeds this width the liner is joined with a welding machine to the ideal size you need. To make it compatible enough and to ensure no leakages, the two cut pieces are overlapped with a spacing of 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) and welded together.

The welded liner is placed in whatever surface or water pan and the top is tucked in a hollow section of between 0.5 mm to 1 meter made on the top. This makes the liner hold on tightly to the surface and prevents it from collapsing.

What is the Life Span of Dam Liners?

Since they are high density and have high resistance levels to high temperatures, they can have a life span of 15 to 30 years.

What is the Cost of Dam Liners in Kenya?

Prices vary according to the different thicknesses

  Size    Cost  
  0.3 mm   215/-  
  0.5 mm   280/-  
  1 mm   380/-  

Where can I Buy  Dam Liners in Kenya?

At Aqua hub Kenya we have quality, UV Resistant, durable, and affordable dam liners.

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