Sprinkler Controllers in Kenya

Sprinkler Controllers in Kenya

Sprinkler Controllers in Kenya are electronic devices that control or regulate the flow of water in various types of pop-up sprinklers such as hunters, Toro, and Rain birds.

Features of Sprinkler Controllers in Kenya

  • Remote: For control and operating the system near or far distances up to 2 km from the timer.
  • Seasonal Watering Adjustment: Most timers have scheduling options that suit the season in addition to daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling.
  • Backup batteries – Operates when electricity is not available.
  • Self-Diagnostics: Some timers include water fluctuation compensating diagnostic programs or short-circuit protection.
  • Automatic Sensors:  Timer features include sensor devices that trigger sprinklers to stop irrigation when rains start. It greatly conserves water. Sensors also monitor the flow rate and warns on the changes in volume of water flowing through the pipe. Changes could occur due to pipe breaks or leakages in a system.

Sprinkler Controllers in Kenya

Types of Sprinkler controllers in Kenya

  1. Battery Powered Controllers

Simple timers that use battery power cells to operate. They can work for up to 12 stations.

These types of controllers can easily be mounted to the wall.

  1. Standard Controllers

This is a timer for a simple sprinkler irrigation system. Standard controllers are easier to use and help save a lot of water on your lawn or sprinkler system.

They are easier to install and require basic knowledge to connect and set it to your system.

  1. Smart Controllers

They are smart and have a mechanism to detect the weather conditions and use it to identify the rate of irrigation of the sprinkler.

  1. Wi-Fi Controllers

Operates with Wi-Fi or internet and linked to devices to enhance easier control of irrigation. You can turn on or off your sprinklers using your devices such as phones, pc, or computers.

How to Select Timers for Your Sprinkler Irrigation System

Consider the number of sections in your irrigation system

Where do you intend to place your timer? Inside the house or outside.

Consider the quality and brand of the supplier to ensure effective timers.

You should choose a timer that works for you whether standard, smart, or Wi-Fi controllers depending on access to power and internet connection.

Which Sprinklers to automate with Controllers?

Pop-ups or lawn sprinklers are the common types of sprinklers that work perfectly with controllers. The design of pop-ups to rise up when irrigating and retract when complete makes it easy for automation.

Drip irrigation systems can also be automated to allow pressure compensate drip lines to water crops for a preset duration.

How to Install a Sprinkler Controller

  1. First decide on a suitable location, whether indoor or outside, to place your irrigation controller.  Consider electricity availability, safety, and distance from the system.
  2. Open the controller box and remove the timer face from the controller.
  3. Drill the holes to mount the controller cabinet on the wall using a drill bit.
  4. Conduct wiring if necessary.
  5. Insert the plastic inserts into the holes on the wall.
  6. Mount the controller Cabinet to the wall.
  7. Connect the station wires while marking each wire to the sprinkler zone.
  8. Re-mount the timer face and re-attach the ribbon connector to the board.
  9. Turn on the power and set your timer.

Sprinkler Controllers in Kenya

Connecting a Controller to a System that Uses a Pump

To install a controller for a system that works with a water pump, the timer should be suitable to work with the pump. Most controllers can start or stop the pump at times set, since they use a pump circuit built in their design.

To automatically control the pump using a timer, connect the wires of pump power on switch to pump start terminal on the controller.

Benefits of Sprinkler Controllers 

  1. Timers allow easier control of sprinklers in more than one section. You can connect 4–12 stations and make your irrigation effective.
  2. Most timers have sensors that notify you of any fault or water flow problem.
  3. You can control your irrigation at any place by setting the time and duration you want the sprinklers to irrigate your lawn.
  4. Controllers have been incorporated with technology to allow remote control of irrigation systems.
  5. Controllers save water and prevents excessive wastage.
  6. Affordable sprinkler controllers reduces the cost of irrigating your lawns.

How to Activate Wi-Fi Controller module

  • Insert the Wi-Fi module into its connector and connect the ribbon cable.
  • Insert the hinge pins into their mounting holes.
  • Ensure the controller panel has power.
  • Press the push button on the Wi-Fi module to activate it.
  • It should blink red and then green to indicate the Wi-Fi is active.

Where to Buy Sprinkler Controllers in Kenya

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